June 3, 2023


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10 Of Claudia’s Best Fashion Moments

Claudia Kishi’s funky, unique style makes her the most fashionable member of The Baby-Sitters Club. What are her best looks on the Netflix series?

Claudia Kishi is one of the most stylish characters in The Baby-Sitters Club universe. From the books to the Netflix series, her style is unique and makes her stand out from the crowd. But what’s better than Claudia’s style is her killer confidence. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks as long as she expresses herself and feels good in her own skin.

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In the Netflix series, Claudia’s style comes to life in a perfect mix of ’80s and ’90s vintage and contemporary fashion. She wears amazing costume jewelry, colorful prints, and her shoe game is unmatched. Did your favorite Claudia look make the cut?

10 A Very Clueless Moment

Is there a bigger nod to the ’90s than Claudia’s yellow plaid ensemble? It mirrored Cher’s iconic look from the 1995 classic teen movie, Clueless. This was done on purpose since Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer is played by Alicia Silverstone, the same actress played Cher. With Silverstone’s part in the series, it makes The Baby-Sitter’s Club a total treat for ’90s babies.

9 Wedding Belles

Claudia’s outfits are always fun and loud, but she knows how to put classy pieces together when the occasion calls for it. 

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At Elizabeth and Watson’s wedding, Claudia wore this beautiful form-fitting dress with shoulder pads. It could easily fit in the ‘90s universe but was modern enough for today. To make this mature dress age-appropriate, Claudia wore bright yellow tights that matched the yellow in her earrings, dress, and eye shadow. 

8 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Chic

In the second episode, Claudia’s on a mission to get a better grade in algebra so she can go to the Halloween dance. To fit the role of a woman who takes math seriously, she wore a black dress with white cuffs and a collar. As Claudia called it, she was wearing “Ruth Bader Ginsburg chic.” She paired the dress with a cute bun and big pearl earrings. Sadly, Claudia’s “dress for success” plan failed her because she bombed the exam. Claudia wasn’t able to go to the dance but she did come clean to her parents about failing math and wanting to follow her passion.

7 A Halloween To Remember

Speaking of Halloween, Claudia was planning on going to the Halloween dance as a Troll doll but after hearing that her crush was going, she decided to step it up a notch. In classic Claudia fashion, she shocked fans by dressing as Tippi Hedren in the 1963 movie, The Birds.

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Dressed in a beige dress suit and a blonde wig, Claudia attached blackbirds all over her clothes to replicate the movie. It’s not every day you see a 12-year-old dressing up as a character from a movie from the ’60s, but that’s Claudia Kishi!

6 Eye Spy Spots!

Claudia wears this iconic jacket twice. She’s wearing it over a baggy t-shirt and long skirt when planning Mary Anne’s new room, and again in “Claudia and Mean Janine” when she and Stacey are convincing Mary Anne’s dad to loosen the reigns a bit. The faux jacket matches Claudia’s personality and adds more texture to this layered look. It gives her a more sophisticated aesthetic without aging her.  It wouldn’t be surprising if Claudia’s fake fur made a comeback in fashion today.

5 Earrings Galore

Claudia is always wearing fun and unique earrings that inspire people to branch out a bit when it comes to jewelry. Why wear hoops when you can wear lemons, fun shapes, and watermelons as earrings? Claudia always makes sure to show off her earrings by wearing her hair in a cute bun with fabulous headbands. The costume designer on The Baby-Sitters Club sure did know how to incorporate the ’90s with kids’ fashion in 2020.

4 She Knows How To Rock A Jumpsuit

Claudia is a big fan of jumpsuits. She has them in multiple colors and wears colorful shirts or tights underneath them. In the image above, she shows Mary Anne and her dad some ideas for Mary Anne’s bedroom makeover. But who can stare at Claudia’s artistic vision when she’s rocking such an adorable denim jumpsuit? Denim jumpsuits can be tough to pull off because they can make people look like they’re working construction. But in classic Claudia form, she wears a bright shirt underneath the denim jumpsuit to add a pop of fun to an otherwise dull outfit. And she, of course, wore her fun lemon earrings to match the undershirt.

3 Cozy Chic

In the episode “Dawn and the Impossible Three,” Mary Anne brought Dawn to a Baby-Sitters Club meeting to introduce her to the girls and see if she could be the fifth member. At the meeting, Claudia is wearing a sparkly sweater that perfectly matches her pearl earrings and precious headband.

It can be hard to rock a sweater without it looking bland or frumpy but Claudia does it perfectly, thanks to her accessories.

2 Daisies & Lemons

The episode “Claudia and Mean Janine” centers around the ongoing rift between Claudia and her sister Janine. After their grandmother Mimi suffers a stroke, tensions are high in the Kishi household. Mimi is one of Claudia’s best friends; she inspires Claudia to be an individual and to follow her heart in art. To cope with Mimi’s recovery, Claudia turned to fashion and art. She wore this lacy daisy shirt that ties in the front. To add some color, she wore vertically striped pants, her lemon drop earrings, and a sweet golden headband.

1 Claudia Knows How To Camp In Style

When the girls go to Camp Moosehead for the summer, they all arrive in matching camp gear. And while Claudia is wearing the same outfit as her friends in the BSC, she adds her personal touch to the outfit. She wears monster heel boots with her pants tucked inside and she tied her camp T-shirt into a cropped shirt. To shield her eyes from the… rain… Claudia wears massive bug-eyed sunglasses to complete her look. And don’t forget her adorable double-bun hairstyle.

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