May 28, 2023


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11 Best Luggage Brands to Know Now

Best Luggage Brands


Whether you’re travelling the world for business or pleasure, having the right luggage is essential. Owning a good suitcase or travel bag opposed to the cheap one can be the difference between enjoying your holiday and regretting it. After all, you don’t want to get stuck lugging a heavy bag through foreign streets when the zip bursts open. If you’re after something lightweight and durable, need extra space, or looking for fashion with function, then look no further. Here are the best luggage brands that you need to know before you travel.


1. Victorinox

If you think that the name Victorinox sounds familiar, but you don’t know its luggage, you may be thinking of its knives. The brand, which has been around since the late 1800s, is the original inventor of the Swiss Army Knife. Jump forward to 2016 and Victorinox is now a global company with six product categories; Swiss Army Knives, household and professional knives, watches, apparel, fragrances, and, of course, travel gear. Like all its products, Victorinox’s travel gear is made to high standards with a strong focus on quality and functionality. Its luggage is sturdy and will stay looking nice no matter how far you travel, while providing you with all the packing space and manoeuvrability that you need.


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Victorinox Luggage Brand


2. Samsonite

Samsonite is probably the most famous luggage brand in the world, and for a good reason. For more than 100 years Samsonite has designed, created and refined luggages, bags and accessories for those with on-the-go professional lifestyles. Now, in 2016, the brand is a global leader in the travel bag market with innovative products that are far superior to the majority. Samsonite products are of excellent quality and feature sleek and minimal design. One of the brand’s most recognisable range of goods is its collection of lightweight, hard-shell luggage. Featuring four spinner wheels, these handy travel companions make navigating busy airports a breeze.


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Samsonite Luggage Brand


3. American Tourister

American Tourister was born in the U.S. in 1933. While the brand, like many of the other top luggage labels on this list, makes a high-quality and durable product, it also allowed itself to have more fun in the design department. Today, a lot of luggage brands tailor themselves toward the business traveller with plain black and navy designs that are nearly impossible to tell apart at baggage claim. American Tourister breaks free from this mould and embraces bright colours, unique design features and even prints. As the official luggage of Walt Disney World and Disneyland, you can also expect to spot a few of your favourite childhood characters popping up on the luggage.


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American Tourister Luggage Brand


4. Briggs & Riley

Relatively young luggage brand, Briggs & Riley, was established in 1993. Its parent company, U.S. Luggage LLC, is much older, it introduced the first wheeled luggage in 1970. Innovativeness and forward-thinking is at the heart of Briggs & Riley. Just one example of this is the brand’s patented “Outsider” handle that allows travellers a completely flat luggage base for easier packing and wrinkle-free clothes. Offering a range of speciality luggage and travel bags, this brand is recognised today as a leading manufacturer in the industry with excellent customer service. Briggs & Riley even offers a unique lifetime guarantee that means if your bag is ever broken or damaged, even if the airline caused it, that they’ll repair it free of charge. Who doesn’t love that?


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Briggs & Riley Luggage Brand


5. Delsey

Delsey is a Parisian label that began in 1946 making leather cases for cameras and photographic equipment. It wasn’t until 1970 that Delsey took its first steps in the world of travel luggage, with the Delsey Airstyle, its first range of rigid bags. Since that time, the label has continued to grow and adapt, offering ever more innovative, light and functional products. Delsey’s luggage stays true to its French origins and features a unique and stylish aesthetic that is easily identifiable. The brand’s signature curved edges and jellybean shaped logo let all jealous travellers know that its products are without-a-doubt Delsey.


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Delsey Luggage Brand


6. Hartmann

Hartmann is a luggage brand with a genuine air of luxury and class to it. The brand has been around for 135 years and focuses on making exquisitely crafted luggage, travel cases and fine leather goods. Although you may pay a premium for a set of Hartmann luggages, you’ll be rewarded with truly stylish products of the utmost quality. The brand’s vision has alway been to build “luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence”, and that’s exactly what it’s done. With sturdy and elegant products like this, it’s no wonder that this heritage luggage brand is a favourite of affluent travellers around the world.


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Hartmann Luggage Brand


7. Rimowa

Rimowa is a worldwide leader when it comes to luxury travel luggage. A favourite of both business travellers and jet-setters alike, the German brand has been at the forefront of luggage innovation for the past 100 years. In 1937, Rimowa launched the first-ever aluminium trunk, revolutionising durable and lightweight luggage. The brand’s unmistakable grooves were then added in the 1950s and quickly became a style signature for this fashionable brand. Since then, the brand has also introduced polycarbonate cases to the travel market, which countless brands now use for hard-shell luggage.


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Rimowa Luggage Brand


8. Kipling

Born in the ’80s, Kipling is a quirky and fun brand that creates items of luggage, designer handbags, backpacks and lifestyle accessories to lighten up your day. The brand’s products are lightweight, lasting and functional with an emphasis on playful design. Kipling’s signature fabric is crinkled nylon which it uses to create a variety of products in bold and stylish, colours and prints. Priding itself on products that transcend the usual fashion trends, Kipling’s products are distinct and desirable. Standout from the crowd by purchasing your own Kipling bag and you can even have it monogrammed for a truly personal touch.


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Kipling Luggage Brand


9. Bric’s

Does anyone do style better than the Italians? Bric’s is an Italian luggage label that creates exceptionally stylish luggage which perfectly marry the rich history of luxury travel with current fashion trends. The brand consistently creates products that reflect refined cosmopolitan style while staying true to its mission of providing customers with image and functionality at a quality price. While remaining practical and functional, Bric’s luggage is trendy and chic, utilising stylish materials, shapes and colours to create pieces that you’ll be incredibly proud to wheel around the airport.


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Bric's Luggage Brand


10. Lipault

If you’re on the hunt for fashionable luggage, you can’t go past chic Parisian label Lipault. The brand’s gorgeous designs are like nothing else on the market, turning traditional bags and suitcases into incredible fashion accessories. Lipault’s philosophy is that the modern woman should be able to change her bags and luggage like she does her dresses and shoes to coordinate outfits. With Lipault, luggage is no longer just a place to store your clothes; it’s a statement. The brand offers a range of high-quality products in beautiful styles and bold colours, making it practically impossible to choose just one!


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Lipault Luggage Brand


11. Genius Pack

The very name of this luggage brand tells you exactly what you need to know about it and why you should buy its products. Genius Pack is more than just words for this brand, it’s a real philosophy. Founded by Alfred Chehebar, Genius Pack aims to revolutionise the luggage industry to bring it in line with the current age of technology and innovation. With a sole focus on extreme functionality, it’s the mission of this brand to create travel products that eliminate the hassles of travel. The label currently has 17 patents pending for creative and exciting new luggage features, including laundry compression technology, organisational interior panels with category designated compartments, and integrated mobile phone chargers.


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Genius Pack Luggage Brand


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