For most people, nothing is more satisfying than curling up on the sofa binge-watching their favorite TV shows or Netflix series. However, an uninspiring TV stand can suck your energy, leading to a less exciting experience.

There’s nothing to worry about because with DIY, you can build a TV stand that’ll breathe new life to your living room. With a creative mind, the possibilities are limitless and you enjoy other benefits. First, you save your money. Second, it’ll add a touch of exclusivity to your home.

Here are unique DIY TV stand projects to keep you occupied this spring.

1. Concrete Top

If you have some extra cement remaining from your last construction project, it’s time to put it into use. You might also add other materials like wood and metal. Remember to include plenty of compartments for decor, books, game consoles, and more.

The most distinguishing feature of this TV stand is the concrete top that gives it an industrial feel.

2. Retro Revamp

Although TVs are kept at the front and center of a room for after-work Netflix binges, they don’t usually make the most impressive statement. Most people have TVs anyway, but what else adds that unique touch?

Well, take the style factor a notch higher by displaying your curved screen TV on a vintage or classic dresser, which can be painted, sanded, and gussied up to be an attractive and functional complement to your entertainment quandary.

3. Rolling TV Stand

The wheels of this moveable TV stand give it a rustic, vintage look that’s simply amazing. You can use the spaces available on the supporting boards to store your photo albums, stereo set, and small indoor house plants. The fact that you can move this TV stand easily makes it a great pick if you have a tiny house that you frequently rearrange furniture to serve different purposes.

4. Floating TV Console

Tired of your vacuum cleaner getting stuck under your modern TV stand? Why not raise your TV. Create the illusion of a large space by mounting your TV on the wall.

This plan will work for you whether you want a stunning look of floating furniture or easy cleaning access. This TV console can also serve as a floating bathroom vanity. The arrangement is also quite practical with features like LED lighting, shelving, cable management, and hidden storage.

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If the most suitable space available to have your TV is in the corner, this project is worth your time. Depending on the type of finishes you choose, this TV stand can look contemporary or rustic, and anything else you like in between.

The list of items you need for this project will make you feel confident as they are affordable and readily available. You only need wood, screws, wood glue, and nails to get started.

6. Pallet TV Stand

Create a budget-friendly TV stand with a relaxing design using wood collected around your house. With at least four hairpin legs, wood glue, screw, and nails, you’ll have a unique TV stand that can fit in small spaces like the wall corners.

Remember to paint the wood with a color that’ll complement your interior decor.

7. Sliding Door TV Stand

Sliding doors are stylish and unique. In addition, they give you quick access to other devices in the middle compartment. They provide the much needed hidden storage. As such, you get enough space to store your books, smaller gadgets, and other items that you want to keep out of the reach of your children.

8. Rustic and Refined

If you want to add some wood accent to your abode or that rough-hewn contrast to your modern apartment, this handmade TV stand will do that perfectly. With some hardware and wood, you can create a classic and functional piece of furniture that’ll hold your knickknacks, art, books, and more.

You can as well use the TV stand to place an air conditioner or thermometer, among other gadgets that’ll help you survive this coming summer.

9. X-Leg TV Stand

This is yet another beginner-friendly spring project you should tackle. It’s simple but the results will stand out in your living room. The design includes X frames on both sides and an open shelf at the center. Adding some shelves in the middle will provide extra storage space for your flowers and stationery, among other items.

10. Tripod TV Stand

Maybe you only have one free weekend ahead – well, you can complete this TV stand project in a day.

Out of all the TV stand ideas we’ve covered, this one is probably the easiest and cheapest. You only need four or five pieces of wood. The ledge and bracket will support the TV. Don’t you love this chic stand? Add some wheels and you can even move your TV around.

11. TV Console

A true DIY-er will love this idea. You only need drills, new crates, and screws to create a sturdy TV stand. Square or rectangular milk crates can be used on this project to house your flowers, books, and room accessories. Stain the crates for a rustic, vintage look.

12. Pottery Barn-Inspired TV Stand

For this project, ensure the Pottery Barn design matches with your interior decor and the entire design of your room for that unique effect. This TV stand combines tech-friendly with classic style design. You also get ample storage space for your accessories.

13. Plywood TV Stand

If you want to inject some rustic charm into your living room, give this project a shot. The TV stand is made of blonde patterned wood pallets. You’ll love the soothing effect it generates with your walls and floor.

14. Clever Corner

Your room is small, has an awkward shape, or you just don’t want your TV to take up a large space. If so, steal this idea. This TV stand is easy and affordable to build. You need a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to fit the space where the corner walls intersect and several premade MDF shelves to enhance the look and add storage spaces.

For extra comfort in a small room, you need effective circulation of fresh air, and that’s where a DIY air conditioner will come in handy.

15. Plant TV Stand

Imagine being surrounded by a green view that lets you breathe in some fresh air straight from the source. Putting house plants besides your TV will brighten up your stand. Plants like orchids and vines can look great protruding from behind your TV.

If you don’t want to feel the pressure to keep plants alive, there are many fake options such as silk plants that look realistic.

Enjoy Your DIY Entertainment Center

There you go, a host of handmade TV stand ideas. Most of these DIY projects can take a few hours or days to build. In addition, all you need is probably at your disposal because most of the resources required are waste materials.

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