May 7, 2022


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15 Sunglasses for women to lay some bold summer styles

In addition to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, skincare products and summer makeup essentials, sunglasses for women rank high in the wishlist of every female audience. Sunglasses are a must especially when you have to spend the majority of the time under the sun. The increase in ozone depletion, pollution and global warming have resulted in harmful UVA and UVB rays hitting the earth and hampering the health of millions. So along with your skin, you must also take due care of your eyes. 

Our top picks of sunglasses for women

1. Vincent Chase By Lenskart – Buy Now

2. Ray-Ban Women Rectangular Sunglasses- Buy Now

3. Oakley PRIZM Cat Eye Drop In Sunglasses- Buy Now

4. Maui Jim Rectangular Sunglasses- Buy Now

5. Tom Ford Geometric Sunglass for Women- Buy Now

6. Tom Martin UV–400 Protected Sunglasses- Buy Now

7. JIM HALO Flat Top Shield Sunglasses- Buy Now

8. Fastrack Gradient Goggle- Buy Now

9. elegante Rectangular Sunglasses for Women- Buy Now

10. IDEE Men-Women Aviator Sunglasses- Buy Now

One of the most exclusive fashion accessories that can elevate the style of women are sunglasses. With the increasing demands ofsunglasses for women, females experience the itch to bring home the best goggles for girls, cat eye sunglasses, branded sunglasses, trendy sunglasses, stylish sunglasses and coolers for women. Today, we will help you pick the best sunglasses that you have been yearning for since ages. 

In this article

1. Shapes of sunglasses 

2. Features of the lenses 

3. Sunglasses for women 

4. Reasons to purchase sunglasses

There are plenty of styles, frames, lenses and colours of sunglasses that have managed to hit the wishlist of the majority of the women. This craze of picking up the best sunglasses has emerged lately. Especially during the scorching heat, after skincare products, it is sunglasses who have managed their way to cart. Don’t let the scorching heat and environmental pollutants hamper the health of your eyes. 

Shapes of sunglasses

The wide and exclusive ranges of sunglasses have left the female audience in awe. The shapes, types and styles of sunglasses will help you in choosing the best of yourself. 

1. Aviator

2. Butterfly

3. Cateye

4. Oval

5. Oversized

6. Rectangular

7. Round

8. Shield

9. Sport

10. Wayfarer

11. Wrap

These 11 shapes of sunglasses have managed to attract the attention of women across the world. With trendy style, fashionable appearance and comfortable fitting, these shapes of sunglasses are worth the value. 

Features of the lenses 

Before you kickstart your shopping session, here are a few features of the lenses that will help you make a wiser and personalised purchasing decision. 

1. Lenses which have a UV protection coating block the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun from hampering your vision. 

2. Polarised lenses are a filter that generates vertical openings for the light. They block all the horizontal light waves. 

3. Non-polarised lenses do not filter light. They treat all types of light waves easily and are less capable of blocking harmful light waves. 

4. Polycarbonate lenses are a type of plastic that is more impact resistant. These lenses have a built-in ultraviolet protection. 

5. Composite lenses are break through resistant lenses found in sunglasses. They are highly tear-resistant and increase the durability of the sunglasses. 

These are the 5 features of the lenses found in the sunglasses that make them unique from one another. These lenses are then fitted into the frames and decide the overall comfort level of your sunglasses that you choose to flaunt throughout the year. 

Scroll down and check the list of top 15 sunglasses for women before much ado. We can’t wait to see you flaunting these exclusive sunglasses this summer. 

1. Vincent Chase By Lenskart

These sunglasses are full rim, round, branded and stylish sunglasses. The sunglasses feature a full grey coloured rim made up from stainless steel. This pair of stylish frames is light in weight and serves you with great strength. This retro cool frame style will protect your eyes by evoking a sense of academic flare.

Why Vincent Chase By Lenskart? 

These sunglasses are polarised and 100 percent UV protected. These sunglasses will ensure that you stand out with your distinctive style. This pair also has a scratch resistant coating so that your sunglasses stay as new as possible. 


Price: Rs. 1,999

Deal: Rs. 1,179

Buy Now

2. Ray-Ban Women Rectangular Sunglasses

These sunglasses belong to the Wayfarer family. These are gradient sunglasses with exquisite animal print frames. It has the perfect temple length, lens width and length. It is the best of the latest fashion trends for millions of Ray-Ban wearers around the world.

Why Ray-Ban Women Rectangular Sunglasses?

This pair features a durable plastic frame and tilt free lenses made for comfort without sacrificing style. With a 4.6 stars rating on Amazon out of 5, these sunglasses are a must-have. 


Price: Rs. 10, 290

Buy Now

3. Oakley PRIZM Cat Eye Drop In Sunglasses

Oakley introduces sunglasses that speak volume about their quality. These sunglasses feature a black iridium mirrored glasses. The sides arms are not thick, chunky and thus you will never experience the sunglasses pinching your head. These sunglasses are worth the price. 

Why Oakley PRIZM Cat Eye Drop In Sunglasses?

These sunglasses come with 2 years of warranty. This pair will live for years and never disappoint you. The lenses have a bit of a mirroring effect on the outside but that never hurts your eyes. 


Price: Rs. 23,122

Buy Now

4. Maui Jim Rectangular Sunglasses

These branded sunglasses are ideal for both men and women. The lens of the sunglasses are bronze in colour that provides a beautiful warm tint, excellent for conditions. The lenses are light in weight, shatter and scratch resistance. It combines optics almost as crisp as glass with ultra light weight. 

Why Maui Jim Rectangular Sunglasses? 

These sunglasses offer superior and clear vision. The side arms are made up of nylon and the saddle bridge is made of adjustable, non-slip silicone nose pads. The modified rectangular frame fits every type of shape. 


Price: Rs. 39,999

Deal: Rs. 25,270

Buy Now

5. Tom Ford Geometric Sunglass for Women

This pair of sunglasses have sleek and minimalistic details. The sunglasses look luxe and exclusive in the most subtle way. It is crafted from superior quality material and lens. These sunglasses offer 100 percent eye protection. 

Why Tom Ford Geometric Sunglass for Women?

These sunglasses are one of the best fashion accessories that complement your facial features. It reflects your personality and suits your lifestyle.


Price: Rs. 35,900

Deal: Rs. 26,709

Buy Now

6. Tom Martin UV–400 Protected Sunglasses

This pair of sunglasses are shiny silver sunglasses featuring a cat eye shape. The stainless steel frame comes with a composite lens. It has a butterfly shape embedded with tiger prints. It will protect your eyes from long term UV exposure and keep your eyes healthy. 

Why Tom Martin UV–400 Protected Sunglasses? 

These premium sunglasses feature translucent smoke black glasses. This pair of sunglasses will offer you ultimate comfort. With 5 out of 5 stars ratings from Amazon, these sunglasses are worth the penny. 


Price: Rs. 2,399

Deal: Rs. 1,099

Buy Now

7. JIM HALO Flat Top Shield Sunglasses

These sunglasses are oversized shades with a high quality of unique design. These rimless sunglasses are ideal for men as well as women. The frameless flat top design, mirror lenses, solid metal hinges, exquisite temples and the overall appearance of the sunglasses makes it an alluring piece of fashion. 

Why JIM HALO Flat Top Shield Sunglasses?

This one piece sunglasses can block 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. The sunglasses are crafted with premium crafted material. These fashion shield sunglasses are designed for walking, traveling, taking photos and are suitable as high fashion accessory and daily wear.


Price: Rs. 1,599

Deal: Rs. 1,299

Buy Now

8. Fastrack Gradient Goggle 

This pair of sunglasses has gradient lens technology. It comes with a black frame and composite lens. This gloriously designed sunglass enhances your look and protects your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. The skin friendly material of this pair is comfortable and suitable for long wear. 

Why Fastrack Gradient Goggle?

This pair of sunglasses will never ask you to compromise on style. It is durable and is fabricated as per international designs and quality standards. With 4.1 stars of ratings, this sunglass is all that you need to lay some bold summer styles. 


Price: Rs. 1,999

Deal: Rs. 1,799

Buy Now

9. elegante Rectangular Sunglasses for Women

This pair of sunglasses have a retro and a vintage style that comes with a narrow square frame. It is a transparent pink frame and pink lenses. It has UV 400 protected, scratch proof and good quality polycarbonate lenses that protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.

Why elegante Rectangular Sunglasses for Women?

These sunglasses are best seller sunglasses for women that are pocket friendly and stylish. These goggles for women are one of the best sunglasses. This pair fits well on every kind of face shape and goes great with any outfit you wear. 


Price: Rs. 1,999

Deal: Rs. 404

Buy Now

10. IDEE Men-Women Aviator Sunglasses 

This pair of sunglasses have a gold frame and brown lenses. The non-polarised and UV protection coating lenses will protect your eyes from all environment glares and reflections. It is a trend setter and will help you set style like a hot chic. 

Why IDEE Men-Women Aviator Sunglasses? 

With 4.3 out of 5 stars ratings, these sunglasses have received a plethora of compliments. It will make you hooked to its premium feel. 


Price: Rs. 2,350

Deal: Rs. 1,670

Buy Now

11. Aeropostale Womens Sunglasses

These Aeropostale Womens Sunglasses come with TAC polarised lenses and metal temples. These sunglasses are impact and scratch resistant. The lightweight and durability of this pair of goggles is appreciated by immense sunglasses lovers. 

Why Aeropostale Womens Sunglasses? 

These sunglasses are classic vintage sunglasses that will make you feel confident and high on style. They come with a one year warranty on manufacturing defects. 


Price: Rs. 2,599

Deal: Rs. 1,325

Buy Now

12. AISLIN ® Unisex Adult’s Butterfly/Square Sunglasses

These AISLIN ® Unisex Adult’s Butterfly/Square Sunglasses are UV protected and rim-less sunglasses for women. The golden pink frame and pink colour lenses will serve you with a girlish vibe. 

Why AISLIN ® Unisex Adult’s Butterfly/Square Sunglasses?

These sunglasses have high quality metal hinges and premium finish metallic colour. It also comes with 100 percent metallic fixed nose pads and HD vision lenses. These sunglasses will give you a smart and trendy look. 


Price: Rs. 1,525

Deal: Rs. 498

Buy Now

13. Royal Son Butterfly UV Protection Women Sunglasses

These Royal Son Butterfly UV Protection Women Sunglasses are stylish sunglasses with UV protection lenses that can filter out sunlight reflected glare and protect your eyes from long term damage.

Why Royal Son Butterfly UV Protection Women Sunglasses?

These sunglasses are made of plastic frame, UV protected 400 lenses and solid metal hinges. These retro sunglasses are suitable for females and suitable for any climate and weather conditions. It has perfect temple width, lens length and mesmerising appearance. With 4.1 out of 5 stars, these sunglasses will help you lay some bold style. 


Price: Rs. 1,999

Deal: Rs. 622

Buy Now

14. RYNOCHI Cateye Triangle Sunglasses 

These sunglasses have a metal body that is extremely light in weight. This pair of goggles will give you a very sophisticated look and premium feel. It is trendy and the latest frame to turn heads around. 

Why RYNOCHI Cateye Triangle Sunglasses?

These sunglasses have a polycarbonate and UV protected lenses. It has an attractive feminine appearance with a hint of naughtiness that you will definitely love. 


Price: Rs. 1,899

Deal: Rs. 499

Buy Now

15. Lee Cooper Women’s UV Protected Aviator Full Rim Sunglasses

This pair of sunglasses is ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable head hugging fit. These sunglasses do their job well and never let you compromise style. With perfect nose bridge, temple length and frame size, these sunglasses are a must have. 

Why Lee Cooper Women’s UV Protected Aviator Full Rim Sunglasses?

It provides all day comfort. It is really light and has a high quality frame with stunning lenses. 


Price: Rs. 1,699

Deal: Rs. 1,999

Buy Now

One of the amazing fashion accessories that amps up the style statement are none other than sunglasses for women. Sunglasses are a must have in order to accentuate the natural beauty. They are high on style and deliver everything that is required. Be it protection, comfortness or fashion, sunglasses are a sheer masterpiece and needed especially during summer. 

Reasons to purchase sunglasses

There are plenty of reasons to purchase sunglasses. These reasons differ from person to person. Below is the list of some common reasons that can make you irresistible to buy one. 

1. Sense of mystery: After wearing sunglasses, it creates a sense of mystery. The shades overshadow what your eyes wish to convey. They create a curious vibe and cover thoughts and feelings. Nobody can ever know your eye colour and type of personality. 

2. Eye protection: Sunglasses offer 100 percent protection to your sensitive eyes. They protect them from harmful environmental glares, reflections, UVA and UVB rays. Since your eyes are sensitive and delicate, sunglasses act as a protective shield that keeps eye and vision related problems at bay. 

3. Improves vision: Sunglasses come with lenses that will make sure your vision is uninterrupted. There are polarised and UV protection coated lenses that serve you with clear vision without bothering its quality. 

4. Reduces glares: Sunglasses are coated with plenty of layers or coats so as to protect your eyes from harmful glares. They also reduce reflections and make sure that nobody bothers your vision or causes hindrance to your eyesight. 

5. Conceals imperfections: If you fall prey to any eye related problems or skin issues near the eyes, sunglasses can effortlessly cover it up for you. They conceal imperfections and put a full stop to contagious eye disease. 

These reasons have surely made you realise why you need to own one especially during the time of summer. Why let the sun bother you and your eyes? Pick the best sunglasses for women and lay some bold summer styles with ease. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, they are so much more. 


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