June 4, 2023


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22 Best Mask Accessories 2020 | The Strategist

Photo: retailer

By this point in the pandemic, you’ve hopefully found a face mask or two that work for you. But just because your mask works well, that doesn’t mean it can’t work better — whether that means it’s more comfortable, more convenient to keep close when not covering your nose and mouth, or more functional, like protecting your face but not fogging your glasses. To find the best, most useful mask accessories, we surveyed 19 people — from mask designers to health-care professionals to stylists to DIYers — about the things they use to make mask wearing even more convenient. Read on for all the chains, lanyards, ear savers, anti-fogging accessories, headbands, and other stuff they recommend.

Repurposed glasses chains are perhaps the most popular mask accessory we heard about, with countless jewelry and accessory brands starting to offer their own takes. But mask chains are not just a way to add a touch of personal style — they also keep your mask close at hand and prevent its elastic from getting stretched out prematurely.