February 26, 2024


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30 DIY Disney Costumes That Are So Perfect for Halloween

From Good Housekeeping

When you’re a die-hard Disney fan, age simply doesn’t matter: Disney offers something for people of all ages to appreciate and enjoy. Because of this, it’s no surprise that every year, kids and adults across the nation dress up as Disney characters inspired by their favorite movies.

To help you embrace your adoration for Disney, below are some brilliant Disney-inspired Halloween costumes that anyone can pull off, even at the last minute. Bonus: Most of what’s needed for these DIY costumes is probably already hanging in your closet. And, if you’re looking to coordinate with a friend, scroll to find iconic Disney duo couple costumes!

1. Mary Poppins & Bert

Photo credit: Kathryn Wirsing
Photo credit: Kathryn Wirsing

You don’t need to be able to carry a tune to dress up as Mary Poppins, but you will need a few items to look like the famous nanny. And with Bert, the sweet chimney sweeper on your arm, everyone at the Halloween party will know exactly who you are.

2. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

Photo credit: Brit + Co
Photo credit: Brit + Co

Though they weren’t the best romantic pair, Peter and his pal Tink have perhaps the most cohesive green outfits. You just need a few items (and a steady hand with some scissors) to copy this recreation by Brit + Co.

3. Rapunzel & Flynn Rider

The duo lit up the screen with their hilarious banter in Tangled, and now, you can mimic them all evening long with these DIY costumes. Most people don’t have magically long blonde hair, but thankfully there are hair extensions to pull off the princess’s trademark style. And if you can’t grow Flynn’s goatee, have no fear: stick-on facial hair will save the day.

4. Princess Tiana

The most exciting part of the DIY might be making your own puff pastries to match the ones in the movie. But if you’re not too confident in your bakings skills, there are plenty of bread and dessert props you can purchase on Amazon!

5. Mickey & Minnie Mouse

This classic Disney duo isn’t too difficult to replicate at all. Minnie just needs to throw a red polka dot skirt over all all-black outfit, and Mickey can pair red shorts with a black tee. Pop on some ear headbands you saved from your last Disney trip and you’re done!

6. Prince Charming

It’s highly possible that you already own a white long sleeve, brown boots, and a waist bag. A long, red cape will instantly complete the look.

7. Piglet

Line a sheet of hot pink felt on top of some pale pink felt to cut and create Piglet’s ears. To cut out some to create Piglet’s stripes, use fabric paint of a darker color and drag your paintbrush horizontally along the front of the t-shirt.

8. Young Ellie & Carl

It really doesn’t take too much effort to portray the young Ellie and Carl for Halloween this year. Both characters wore light yellow shirts. For Ellie, slip on a pair of overalls and if you can, make your own bottle cap pins with recycled bottle caps and safety pins. The only accessory you probably don’t have for Carl is an aviator hat!

9. Cruella De Vil

We’re pretty sure you have your grandmother’s pearls tucked in your jewelry armoire, and a black maxi dress from this summer that’s ready to go. Oh: a Dalmatian is not required, but highly recommended for bonus points.

10. Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable

The only thing not practical about Kim and Ron’s crime-fighting attire is the grappling hook gun. The pictured couple simply opted for hairdryers, which actually look really close to the real thing.

11. Pinocchio

Little did we realize Pinocchio’s ensemble was really simple, but more importantly, super adorable too. And if you can’t seem to find the exact hat Pinocchio wore, a yellow feather hot-glued to a yellow fedora can do just the trick.

12. Robin Hood & Lady Marian

You likely have the main, basic elements: white tunics for both characters, black pants for Robin Hood and a green shirt and brown tights for Lady Marian. Once you find a corset, simply tie up by creating X’s with the strings.

13. Mike Wazowski

You can walk around as a huge green blob, but if you don’t have the resources, there are other ways to dress up as the beloved monster. Take this baby’s lead, whose costume consists of a green dress and a paper eye. Men can wear a green shirt to get the same effect.

14. College Mike Wazowski

Or, if you don’t want to bother with making the eye, college Mike Wazowski is a little more last-minute friendly. Any blue jacket and black tie will do, and you’ll just need a green wig and ears to complete the look.

15. White Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit makes for an adorable costume, and the main staples include a red blazer and a bow tie. Everything else can be improvised — we love how this blogger dawned a clock bag to represent his storyline of always being late.

16. Gaston

Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston is actually really easy to recreate. Layer a red t-shirt over a yellow polo and pair with black jeans and riding boots. Throw on a belt with a large buckle, or create your own with black and yellow felt. Finish with yellow dishwashing gloves and a black hat (if you don’t own a wig).

17. Tigger

An adorable Tigger costume like this one doesn’t have to require too much effort. Grab some orange leggings and an orange sweater, and you’re halfway done. For stripes, you can use a black fabric marker or sew on black felt. Lastly, paint on a nose and whiskers with face paint.

18. Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich

Disney park snack costumes are another way to show your Disney pride. To create this costume, paint Mickey faces on two pieces of cardboard. Wear a white outfit for the cream, and secure the cardboard pieces to yourself with white ribbon.

19. Penny Proud

We love a young feminist who has strong family values yet is never afraid to speak her mind, like Penny Proud. Her color-coded outfit is comfortable and pretty easy to replicate. Gather your hair into two pigtails or braids to recreate her iconic style.

20. Cobra Bubbles

If you already own a suit, Cobra Bubbles is probably one of the easiest characters to dress up as. To make sure everyone knows who exactly you’re representing, don’t forget your shady sunnies and a Stitch plush doll for bonus points.

21. Hiro Hamada

To dress like Big Hero 6‘s main protagonist, think of what a 13-year-old boy would wear in the 2000s: a white long sleeve layered under a red-shirt and blue hoodie. Extra points if you can draw the robot figure on his shirt.

22. Winnie the Pooh

You can completely DIY Winnie the Pooh’s costume, from his bear ears to his beloved jar of “hunny.” Since the wear doesn’t actually wear pants, you can swap in yellow jeans or a yellow skirt.

23. Forky

He might be quite goofy, but Toy Story’s Forky is full of character and charm. All you need to dress up like him is a white outfit, a white paper crown, and some colored felt to create his face. Pixar sells its own Forky shirt to save you time, if needed.

24. Kristoff

This costume will take a little more sewing skills if you have them. The original creator took a black shirt and sewed a faux fir trim onto it. If you can’t sew, you can opt for hot glue. Add a brown sash belt and some snow boots to complete the costume.

25. Roxanne

Photo credit: the cookie corp
Photo credit: the cookie corp

Goofy’s high school crush wears rather simple attire, making it the perfect costume to throw together if you’re running low on time. She wears a green scoop neck t-shirt, denim capri pants, and red, wavy hair.

26. Vanellope von Schweetz

Photo credit: see vanessa craft
Photo credit: see vanessa craft

Ralph’s best friend Vanellope might be small, but she’s full of spunk and knows a good thing or two about racing. Her usual ensemble consists of a light blue pullover hoodie, a gray pleated skirt, funky socks, and colorful hair clips to match her out-of-this world personality.

27. Judy Hopps

Her costume might look a little complicated, but once you break it down, you’ll see that you probably own half of the items in your closet. Layer a gray crop top over a blue oxford shirt and pair with some denim jeans. You’ll likely have to shop for the accessories, like a fake cop badge and a large buckle belt.

28. Princess Ariel

You don’t have to wear a mermaid’s tail to be Ariel (though such things do exist). A green fish scale maxi skirt works just as fine, and it lets you walk without tripping.

29. Baby Yoda

If you can’t get hold of a Baby Yoda costume, you can DIY your own with a tan bathrobe and coffee mug and get the same effect. A green wig isn’t necessary, but green ear tips help wrap up the costume together.

30. Olaf

Olaf’s costume doesn’t have to be big and bulky; instead, you can wear a completely white outfit and decorate it with three black pom-pom balls for Olaf’s buttons. Use orange face paint to portray the nose, and play with blue frosty shadow on the eyes.

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