Free Fire is a famous Battle Royale title in the mobile gaming world. It offers its players a wide range of accessories and skins that they can use. And users can enjoy the game by playing solo, duo, or make their own squad consisting of four players.

Several Free Fire players like using stylish nicknames for their squad to stand out in the crowd. They also have the option to change their previous guild name if they are unhappy with it. Also, only the guild leader has the option to change the guild name.

Players can check out this video if they want to know more about the process of changing the guild name:

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40 stylish guild names for Free Fire in April 2021

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Players can use any of the 40 names given below for their guild, or they can head over to sites like,, etc., to customize their own guild name in Free Fire:

1. ꧁ᵀᵉᵃᵐ★ᶜᴿᴬᶻᵞ꧂

2. 千𝔢ℝal Maℽh𝔢m

3. Stคrร

4. ≋Løղel𝔂 𝔅ø𝔂ร≋

5. ๖ۣ•҉Fⱥtⱥl ⲘistaҜe

6. ๖ۣۜSสrcαຮ†ΐc ShØקקᵉrs

7. 𒅒Ṩtar Ṩigήs

8. Ǥaϻe Rนภภeℝs⇜

9. ᴮน𝖇𝖇lψ 𝔖nowflสҜes

10. ᶠᴬᴷᴱOน†ℝคge๏นs Cℝea†oℝs

11. ∂emonic 丹I

12. C҉✖Iภɪmɪcสł Thu𝖌s

13. Shad☢w Gaᴍєrs

14. لoiภt V͢͢͢eภtuℝe

15. 𓊈Radΐ𝔠als𓊉

16. 𝓒ℓαudᎥα 𝓒𝖑☢uds⛅

17. ⧼Renegคᖙe Ṩl͢͢͢uggerຮ⧽

18. ◤MᎥliτคristi𝒸 Fightiήg Ma𝒸hine୧

19. 𝓢kψWalkers

20. Peคrls♛

21. ⪨Ɠɾմղցҽ Ⱥҽʂէհҽէìç⪩

22. 𐄡Ne𐍉Ňpunkຮ𐄪

23. 匚ψbØrg Pl𝒶yers

24. 𒈞Crazψ Lads

25. 山нαℓє вутєѕ⪑

26. Fɘʌʀ Bʋtcʜɘʀs

27. CØre やhilØຮØphers

28. Gⱥ𝖓gꜱ†e𝓇ꜱ▒

29. ❅ᴅⱥrêᖙêvΐlร❅

30. Wøℓf TℝᎥ多นn𝑒

31. ⁣𓆩Nig͢͢͢ђ𝖙 Ri∂eℝs

32. βɾąѵҽ Ɠմղʍҽղ꧂

33. Ꝉìցհէʂąҍҽɾʂ

34. 𝒪aτhkeeperร

35. 🎮 Star Troopers

36. ⩻∀ñg𝖗ʏ Ninʝคs⩼

37. χ мєη

38. ⦃Diam𐍉𝔫∂ Gamᵉrs⦄

39. Sนper Ǥนyຮ Ǥr𝖔นp☘

40. ꧁Mαlevoleภce

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Published 05 Apr 2021, 13:33 IST