December 5, 2023


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A Farewell To The Full Tilt Boot Company

A Farewell To The Full Tilt Boot Company

In 2006, a ski boot brand was founded with one goal… bring back the original 3-piece ski boot design. The men behind Full Tilt Boots purchased the Raichle company’s NASA inspired original molds, used to make boots first released in 1981 under the name Flexon 5, and introduced the once dead design to the 21st century.

For 16 years, the Full Tilt name has been seen on the boots of professional skiers in all disciplines, from Bode Miller to Tom Wallisch. They’ve collaborated with Level 1, Henrik Harlaut, and many more. Impressively, they made ski boots designed to grow with your child, called the Growth Spurts, and they’ve been selling what are quite possibly the most comfortable shoes to slip on after a day of skiing for several years.

Unfortunately for the world of skiing, the Full Tilt brand will cease to exist after the current ski season. That does not mean the 3-piece ski boot design is gone, as the brand will simply be absorbed into K2, but the lack of the Full Tilt name on the side of their iconic design almost will definitely be a bit disturbing. Full Tilt’s closure comes with the release of two final products, the Claim Boot, and the Apres Booties 1.0 Claim, both of which are selling out fast.

Full Tilt has managed to keep the retro alive in ski boots for 16 years, bringing the comfort of the 3-piece and the beauty of 80’s inspired colors and designs all the way into 2022. One can only pray that K2 will continue to honor the vibes of Full Tilt through future products for decades to come. So, as the last boots sell out and the “everything must go” apparel sale takes away the rest of the products, I say farewell to you Full Tilt, you will be missed.

Image Credit: Full Tilt on YouTube & Instagram