adidas Golf has long leaned into the idea that golf clothes don’t have to worn exclusively on the golf course and that streetwear can look good on the fairways, too. With their new Go-To collection, adidas Golf is offering versatile clothes for men and women that work well no matter where someone is going.

The company has previously used the Go-To moniker on apparel, particularly outerwear, that could work in any situation. They’re expanding the meaning of that with this line, which includes the Go-To polo, that’s the centerpiece of the line. Made from Primegreen recycled materials, the Go-To polo is another sign of the company’s commitment to eliminating plastic waste in their fashion. A raglan-style cut in the back increases mobility and range of motion. A flexible collar also allows the shirt to be put on or taken off while fully buttoned and not have the collar lose its shape. The women’s version is available in short-sleeve and sleeveless versions.

The lineup features more neutral and versatile colors that can fit with other apparel and in various situations. After all, golf apparel can have a garishness that works well on the course and in certain situations but sometimes just doesn’t fit elsewhere.

The Go-To lineup includes the polos, commuter pants for men and women, a five-pocket pant for men, and shorts and skorts for women.

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