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Alicia Keys Opens The Show In Milan For Moncler Mondogenius Global Digital Extravaganza

Ever since luxury outerwear fashion house Moncler conceived of its ‘Genius’ project in 2018 – pushing the boundaries for high-end RTW business models by inviting an incredible series of well-respected designers to re-iterate the brand’s core design aesthetic on a regular basis – the label has continued to inspire awe (and brand loyalty) by modernising many of the other models we associate with the fashion industry.

One of those being, of course, fashion shows. With the pandemic forcing us to explore avenues other than the traditional runway to showcase collections, it stands to reason that just because the world has begun opening up again, Moncler wasn’t about to retreat back to a familiar show set-up.

Announcing ‘Moncler Mondogenius’ in early September, fashion lovers were tipped off about a spectacle that would span five cities globally, with the involvement of at least one major superstar, reminding us that when it comes to putting on a show, not many can compete with Moncler.

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And today, September 25, we were finally given access (in the form of a digital boarding pass) to the experience.

Sharing the creative visions of, not one, but 11 of Moncler’s partner designers, including JW Anderson, Craig Green, Veronica Leoni and Matthew Williams, the show digitally hopped between several major cities around the world.

moncler alicia keys


Opening in Milan with some dulcet prose by none other than Grammy winner Alicia Keys, the show then careened between there, New York, Seoul, Tokyo and Shangai, showcasing some seriously imaginative displays at the intersection of fashion and other art forms – like dance, gymnastics, film and music – many of which had an interactive opportunity.



And Keys wasn’t the only super superstar songstress to make an appearance, as she passed the baton to Victoria Song in Shanghai and later, in New York, Solange Knowles appeared in a beautiful fashion film directed by Khalik Allah for Leoni’s Moncler 1952 Woman.

moncler alicia keys


moncler alicia keys


You can watch the whole thing here:

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