All-new Renault Austral unveils its elegant and muscular silhouette

All-new Renault Austral unveils its elegant and muscular silhouette

In brushes of light and dark, all-new Renault Austral lifts the veil on its elegant and muscular silhouette. Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director, sheds light on the intention behind the design of this latest SUV that is the next step in Renault’s C-Segment offensive

‘Elegant and technological’. It is in such terms that Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director, speaks of the brand’s latest C-Segment SUV, the all-new Renault Austral. In embracing the hallmarks of the current line-up, the design teams have sought to create a truly modern and refined, high-end vehicle.

All-new Renault Austral unveils its elegant and muscular silhouette

Desirable and quality design

Designers have built on the fundamental features that draw so many people to SUV models – proportions, size ratios, overhangs, wheel size – and focussed on giving the shoulder lines a more muscular look. The resulting vehicle is an SUV that is full of character yet still one that remains civilised. Sharp, athletic, and modern, all-new Renault Austral has remarkable proportions that give a feel of being as robust as it is agile.

The design of Renault vehicles that has long been one inspired by the sensuality of the living world is entering a new era. As such, the lines that cross over the top of the wheel arches create a renewed sense of structure. They provide a strong, precise under current to the car’s profile. The strong, dynamic lines of Austral directly reflect Renault’s new language.

Renault Austral combines strong stylistic elements that give it a dynamic and elegant design. Its quality is visible at first glance. We have reduced the bodywork gaps, refined the flushes so that it develops an immediate qualitative feeling. Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director

The hallmark stylistic features of the all-new Renault Austral include a clear, structured crease that runs along the lower section of the body. Angled towards the front of the vehicle, it gives the silhouette a dynamic edge. This new language of shape and form differs from the more traditional horizontal lines that once ran parallel to the ground in a static manner. When vied from the side, Austral appears to leap forwards, as if it were in motion even when stationary.

A modern and technological SUV

The technological features on the all-new Austral are found most strikingly in the front and rear lights. Two large C-shape rear lights merge into the car’s logo in spectacular fashion. The front design is similar with eye-catching lamps and grille features. First seen on the Renault Mégane E-TECH Electric, the Micro-optic technology is made out of plexiglass and features lines and patterns that are engraved directly into the surface and inside of the plexiglass. When lit by LED lights, the engraved lines shine crystal clear for a lively identifiable look.

This technological mastery and desire for excellence has been a leitmotif in the design of the all-new Renault Austral.

SOURCE: Renault