February 27, 2024


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Away Luggage’s ‘Pack Your Bag’ Campaign Fills Your Suitcase With Designer Goods

We’re just going to say it: Away luggage is killing it when it comes to making packing chic and easy. While their sleek carry-on suitcases already come with a removable battery and two USB ports, now they’ll also come fully packed with designer clothes and travel essentials.

The direct-to-consumer brand created by two former Warby Parker execs teamed up with some of their favorite fashion brands to help make looking good while traveling a breeze. The newest edition of their limited-time Pack Your Bag campaign features goods like the Väder II leather all-weather motorcycle jacket by The Arrivals that’s perfect for spring or winter getaway. The low top white sneakers by Koio Collective make exploring a new city in style a comfortable experience and the adorable cross-body camera bag by Pop & Suki is the only purse you’ll need during the day and once you hit the town at night.

“Every season, we team up with a few of our favorite brands to create a shopping experience that allows you to purchase our favorite items to travel with, all in one place,” Jen Rubio, co-founder of Away luggage, tells Condé Nast Traveler. “We hand-selected pieces from these brands that we personally can’t travel without.”

This all comes after their May edition of the campaign where they offered a baby alpaca wool blanket-scarf mash-up called a blarf (not kidding), a travel shaving kit by Harry’s, and apparel from athletic clothing brand Outdoor Voices. This campaign was so popular it actually sold out.

Whether you choose to buy one item or go all-in, the package will conveniently arrive pre-packed right to your doorstep, rather than having to make stops at multiple stores. You in? All the products are available on the website from Jan. 11 until the end of the month and delivery is free nationwide.