June 6, 2023


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Azura Runway answering COVID-19 crisis with a new project: Azura Exchange

Azura Runway is a company that was started by Sam Wood, a visionary entrepreneur with a keen eye for opportunity and innovation. He managed to establish a brand-new business just as the world is facing a somewhat unprecedented economic and social crisis, namely the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people across the world have been affected by Coronavirus and the imposed national lockdowns. This has been a particularly hard time on some businesses, who were forced to a grinding halt. Some companies had to reduce their teams by firing some people and running on a skeleton crew. Others had to completely shut down for so long that they were never really able to get back on their feet. However, some entrepreneurs managed to look at the positive side of the crisis, taking advantage of the new hole in the market in order to start something new. While starting a business in these times is not without its risk, it can also be quite rewarding. This is definitely the case of Azura Runway.

Azura Runway Louis Vuitton Bag

The company focuses on online fashion retail, with a special outlook on the luxury market. Because of the sudden relevance of the online shopping experience, fashion lovers are seeking for new ways to buy clothing items, without missing out on some of the perks of actually being there in a shop. Azura Runway is all about recreating some of these aspects, with the convenience and safety of a browser experience. In order to accomplish that, Azura Runway launched another brand, “Azura Exchange,” which has a key focus on “fast fashion,” offering items as diverse as lingerie, accessories, swimwear, apparel, and jewelry, only to mention but a few.

The format is user-friendly and immediate, appealing to a broad audience with a seamless interface and an all-new experience for the customers. The main drive behind the concept is simple. Azura focuses on luxury wear, but founder Sam Wood figured out that that’s not exactly what people want to wear when they are at home, in lock down. They’d rather wear something stylish, yet comfortable and cozy to have a better time while forced indoors, without necessary making any compromise in terms of style and excellence.

Designer bags available to purchase on Azura Runway

Find out more about Azura Exchange, and check out the store via the following link: