June 11, 2023


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Begin your fitness journey today!

Deciding to start on a fitness journey is very important. Once one has decided to embark on it, one must set an end goal to keep the desired target in mind. Taking part in physical activity is essential, and so too is eating healthily. Nutritional food is fundamental to ensure one is fit internally and externally. However, there are many supplements one can take along the way to boost their efforts and add additional necessary vitamins needed should they not be taking them in via food sufficiently. If one takes part in sports, like those seen at the motosport location, taking part in a sports competition, one will see that many supplements are included in their diets to give extra endurance, stamina, and strength. So, where should one start their fitness journey?

Start by setting a goal.

It is important to decide what you want to achieve on this fitness journey. Do you want to become fitter, build muscle, or lose extra pounds? No matter the reason behind it, the first step is to acknowledge it and set the goal. The goal will motivate and keep one going, especially when it feels tough to continue. It is important to remember there are two distinct types of plans. Long-term goals and short-term goals. Long-term goals are those that one usually wants to achieve in a year or so. Hence it is spread out over a longer period. The short-term goals are the ones that one can achieve weekly or monthly. The goal must be realistic and attainable when choosing what goal to set and select. Setting a goal you will not be able to achieve is pointless because one will become despondent when one doesn’t achieve their goal. Another aspect one must consider is the time frame. Setting a time frame will help one understand how much time is left and how far they must still go etc.; thus, it helps with keeping a record of if they are going according to plan.

Choose those supplements!

Once you have a goal in mind of what you want to achieve, you will need to research what type of physical activity you need to do to help you attain that goal and which supplements you should take to aid the process. For example, if one wants to lose weight, one should take vitamin Bs as they help one’s metabolism. In addition, you should consume vitamin D, iron, and magnesium. On the other hand, if one wants to increase their endurance level, supplements like Creatine Monohydrate, Beta-Alanine, Glutamine, BCAAs, and Sodium phosphate will help delay fatigue, improve cell and muscle repair and ultimately lead to an improved level of endurance. When purchasing supplements, it is essential to read the ingredients on the labels and see how one should take them. Some dosages may differ according to one’s gender or weight, for example.

Add some physical activity into the mix!

Once you have a health plan and supplements, incorporate some form of physical activity. Choose a workout that will suit your goal. For example, to build strength, do some weight lifting; one can include cardio to lose weight. There is a different workout for every need, so consult a dietician, gym, or personal trainer if you are unsure.