September 21, 2023


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Bella Hadid Tests a DIY Dad Pant Styling Trick

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

There’s a beauty to wearing actual dad jeans, you know, jeans made for men, not women’s “boyfriend jeans.” In my opinion, they hang just right, the bagginess is perfect, and we should all convert and buy denim made for dudes. In a recent article, I also wrote that in order to get my perfectly baggy fit, I have to go to the tailor and pay an extra $15 to get that stellar waist cinch while those pant legs just deliciously hang. I thought I had it figured out, until Bella Hadid showed off her own DIY way of making the men’s pant work for her. Today, the model stepped out in New York wearing a pair of baggy white pants—complete with a delicious slight crinkle and elegant fold at the ankle. Her trick here? Hadid folded the band of her pants down to have them sit at her hips. Call it the slouchy touch that to make a summer outfit that much saucier. 

She accessorized the pants with thick-rimmed Y2K-style sunglasses, wrists full of beaded bracelets, and a vintage-looking brown shoulder bag. As for the rest of the look, it was reminiscent of what Tony Soprano might wear, only ten times sexier. Like Soprano, Hadid opted for a striped bowling shirt in earthy muted colors. She paired the piece with a ribbed white tank top, something that is also a Sopranos staple, although we’d imagine that Tony wouldn’t wear his quite as cropped.