Best fabrics for your child’s autumn wardrobe

We all want only the very best for our children and that includes not only what they eat or what school they go to, but also what they wear. Kids have thin and delicate skin and they can often be more vulnerable to temperature changes or allergens around them, so we need to be 100% sure that they will be safe especially during the colder seasons. The fabric that the clothes are made of is a crucial factor to consider when going shopping, so here are our recommendations for some of the best textiles to look for.


Moms love cotton because of how easy to take care of and useful it is: it can be washed on almost all machine cycles, it can be bleached and ironed, and compared to other natural fabrics, it can be dyed in the dryer without worrying that it will shrink; children like cotton because it is comfortable, lightweight and doesn’t irritate their fragile skin. Although thin, the cotton yarn creates perfect soft and fluffy clothes for everyday wear. If you want to make sure that your child is 100% safe, look for organic cotton, because it is grown without using any pesticides or chemicals that would be dangerous both for your kid and the environment. There are plenty of clothes for your little one that are made of cotton, but we recommend shopping for basic things such as underwear, socks, and shirts since they will be the warmest and most practical garments for them.

Merino wool

Merino wool is an essential fabric in anyone’s wardrobe, but due to its natural properties it is especially suitable for your little one. For autumn, a merino wool sweater for your children children will be not only a safe and practical garment, but also a beautiful piece of clothing to dress up your child in. To start with the most obvious reason, wool is a soft and very warm fabric that will keep your child safe even on the coldest days. It can also be worn during warmer seasons, because it is breathable and thanks to its property to regulate the temperature of the body, it will prevent your kid from overheating. If your baby is prone to allergies or skin conditions such as eczema, merino wool is a perfectly safe fabric to incorporate into their wardrobe.

Polar fleece

Natural fabrics are the best for your kid, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that synthetic ones should be totally excluded from their wardrobe. In fact, there are situations when a garment made of synthetic materials can be much better than the ones made of any other fabric. Polar fleece is a great example: it is a fuzzy fabric made from polyester that has wonderful insulating properties. As the name states, the thick and warm polar fleece is perfectly suitable for the cold months, especially when layered with clothes made of other materials underneath. It is also very practical and you can machine wash it every time your kid manages to fall in a mud puddle without worrying about it getting ruined or faded up. Polar fleece jackets are perfect for fall, but sweaters or sport clothes can also make a good addition to your children’s wardrobe.

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