When I’ve dressed for Broadway shows in the past, much like my (somewhat messy) Chicago night, I’ve always been inspired by the eclectic, flamboyant style of Broadway legends like Billy Porter, Bernadette Peters, and Liza Minnelli. I often take cues from the glitzy suits or sequin accessories they wear onstage and channel them into my own look. When I went to see Book of Mormon in early 2020, for instance, I wore a velvet blazer with a pussy-bow Gucci blouse and Cuban heel boots. The top was a hit with the intermission crowd, which was equally decked out in sharp suits and glamorous gowns.

I know the opening is months away, but just the thought of attempting outré style again gives me something to look forward to. I’ve already begun planning my Broadway looks. I’d dress to theme with a campy look, for instance, for a show like Moulin Rouge!: I have a frilly-collared Palomo Spain shirt that’s perfect for opening night. If I go the more serious route, with a show like Come From Away, I’d go more minimal with a silky black top and embroidered loafers. Turns out, the fall runways have many looks that are ideal for a return to Broadway too. If money was no object, I’d slip into Gucci’s velvet red tux, a classic Ralph Lauren tuxedo, or an embroidered silk evening jacket by Alexander McQueen for the night.

My dream suit to wear on Broadway, by GucciPhoto: Courtesy of Gucci

Even before I make it to Broadway, however, you can bet I’ll be testing out this elevated fashion spirit with my summer wardrobe. If Broadway will be my true fashion awakening, this summer is going to be the overture. As I write this, a pair of sequin boots are eyeing me from across the room, just begging for an epic night out—and though my Broadway debut is still weeks away, now seems like the perfect time to dust them off.

The cast of Broadway’s Moulin Rouge! in 2020 Photo: Getty Images