May 9, 2022


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CdG PLAY x K-Way Outerwear Capsule Collaboration

Following the look at the upcoming COMME des GARÇONS collaboration with Nike featuring the retro Air Max Sunder SP, CdG PLAY is teaming up with outdoor label K-Way for a new capsule range.

The collaboration features a packable jacket, a pullover, and a full-zip design, arriving in bold colors like beige, blue, orange, and red in K-Way’s waterproof material. CdG PLAY’s signature heart logo is also featured throughout, both on the apparel as well as the pouch. Ideal for those looking for functional pieces for the colder seasons, the collection is set to release in November.

COMME des GARÇONS and its family of sub-brands have been at the forefront of collaborations, and CdG PLAY’s longstanding partnership with Converse has proved that entry-level pieces like tees and sneakers will always fly off the shelves – especially when they feature the iconic heart logo. The partnership with K-Way could be the start of expanding the PLAY offerings into outerwear, opening the doors for more unexpected collaborations down the line. The outdoor label is also no stranger to partnerships, having teamed up with Fendi, A.P.C. and more in the past, starting its venture into the luxury realm.

The COMME des GARÇONS x K-Way collaboration is expected to drop in November, with a ¥25,300 price tag. Stay tuned as an official look at the partnership is yet to be revealed.