February 27, 2024


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Charli and Dixie D’Amelio Are the Cutest Sisters—and the New Faces of Hollister

Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

From Cosmopolitan

The D’Amelio sisters are TikTok’s biggest stars (between them, they have 100 million followers), but more than Charli’s enviable dance moves or Dixie’s amazing voice (she has a new single out called “Be Happy”), the duo also has a cool, low-key sense of style. They’ve always been self-professed fans of Hollister jeans, and now, they’re the faces (resident Jeaneaologists, to be specific) of the brand’s Jean Lab back-to-school campaign.

The behind-the-scenes pics show them in cute cropped tees, sweatshirts, flannels, and, of course, all sorts of denim—from ultra-skinny to distressed straight-leg styles—and they’ll be available to shop online July 16. ICYMI, it’s been a hectic month for the two between shutting down exes and facing a potential ban of the app that made them so famous, but luckily, they had some time in their busy schedule to chat about this HUGE new partnership.

Cosmo: How did this collaboration come about?

Dixie: We’ve worn Hollister pretty much all our lives, so when they came to us, we were so excited just because we had the opportunity to work with them.

I also read that you tested out the jeans with Bill Nye. What was it like meeting him?

Charli: Actually, for safety reasons, we couldn’t shoot on the same day as other people, so we didn’t get to meet him. But we got to wear little science coats and play with beakers, and it was so much fun because we were able to be Hollister Jeanealogists.

We got to test out all of the different ways that jeans might be a little bit difficult for people—like making sure the waist isn’t too big when you’re sitting down and that it really fits to your body.

And did you do any dances at all to test them out?

Charli: Yeah, it was obviously super important. Especially for me, being a dancer, you always need to be able to move in whatever you wear. I was actually able to create a dance for the campaign, called the #MoreHappyDenimDance. And at the top of my list, I was able to do all my tricks and leg holds in the different jeans.

Do you have a specific memory of shopping at Hollister?

Dixie: Last December, just when TikTok really started blowing up, so I wasn’t as recognizable out in public that much yet—I went out to the mall in Wellington, Florida. I was in Hollister with my best friend and a fan came up and asked me for a picture. It’s such a small area, and I was like, How do people know who I am? That was one of the first times that happened to me, and it was in a Hollister.

Photo credit: courtesy
Photo credit: courtesy

I heard that you had designed some pieces dropping later in September. What was that process like?

Charli: It was a little bit crazy, especially because I’m so indecisive. I was like, “I don’t know what to pick!” They gave us so many options, and Dixie was even able to draw some designs for the sweatshirt I wanted. It’s just so cool to see it really be personalized to us and make it exactly how we wanted it to look. When we got to see them in person, it really all came together. We got to pick the colors, the design, the fabric we wanted it on. It was really amazing.

Do you see yourselves doing your own collection sometime in the future?

Dixie: I would definitely love to. It was so fun, like, working with the design team and I enjoyed every part of working on that.

You two definitely have this laid-back West Coast style—and it seems like it’s become huge across all of TikTok.

Photo credit: coutesy
Photo credit: coutesy

Charli: I feel like with a lot of teens, they choose the more comfy route or jeans and a T-shirt. Those pieces are in everyone’s wardrobe and they are super simple but make an outfit super cute. That’s definitely my style.

I’ve been going to dance class every day all year for my entire life, so I never really knew how to wear anything besides leggings and a sports bra. Working with Hollister really helped me understand how I can make things work and try different styles of jeans. When I worked with them, it was the first time I really wore anything besides skinny jeans! Now I love the long jean style and the vintage-looking ones. That’s what’s so amazing about Hollister. They have all the styles fit for anyone, any body type, all sizes.

You guys are bicoastal. Does the back-and-forth between CT and L.A. ever feel overwhelming?

Charli: I was a little bit nervous always feeling like I had to pack for long periods of time when I would be in California for a few weeks. But now that we have a place here and aren’t living out of an Airbnb, it’s really nice to be able to see my friends on the East Coast and the West Coast. We really love both places. Connecticut will always be our home, but obviously, we love California and the warm weather.

There have been hints of a reality show about your family. Are there any updates on that front?

Charli: We definitely hope so, and there are some things in the works. I’m just excited for people to see more of our family dynamic—that’s really what makes us who we are. We are super close as a family, so that’s something I’d love to bring more light to and just have fun with it. That would be exciting, and I really hope it does happen.

TikTok is one thing, but having cameras around you all the time is something else entirely.

Dixie: I think there will be some moments when we will be a little nervous and getting used to it, but it’s also so exciting knowing that people will get to know us and our personalities more.

Has your relationship changed with your follower counts? Are you competitive? More protective of each other?

Charli: Definitely protective of each other. I know Dixie will always be my older sister and she will always want everything to go right for me. We’ve never been competitive ever in our lives because we’ve always just been happy for one another whenever something good happens, so we’ve never had to worry about that.

Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

You’ve quarantined together—have you ever gotten tired of each other, like if someone wants to do a TikTok and you’re just like, “Not now, please?”

Charli: With every relationship, I feel like there’s always ups and downs, which is extremely normal. And I feel like we don’t fight as much. The only thing we fight about is clothes because we’re the same size, so we share a lot or steal from one another. That’s something that we always got in arguments over, but we’ve gotten better at it.

Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

Do you have favorite clothes from the other person that you like to steal over and over again?

Charli: Oh, yeah. Sometimes, it’ll be in her closet after a while and I’ll be like, It is what it is, she wears it more than I do.

Your parents are also on TikTok. Have you had to teach them how to use it?

Charli: My parents will always be like, “Oh, you should do this trend!” or they’ll see someone make a dance and they’re like, “This dance is so good, you should do it,” so they’re definitely helpful with finding new dances to do, which I really love.

Dixie: My dad comes to us all the time. He’s like, “Why are you editing on this app? You need to edit on TikTok,” and I’m like, “How do you know that?” But they’re very good, and most of the time, they teach us.

Interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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