February 5, 2023


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Collagen supplements for beauty still primary use among women and men finds Trust Transparency Center

A survey of supplement users across the UK, Germany, Italy, the US and China, conducted by industry intelligence firm Industry Transparency Center (ITC), found that ‘beauty-related benefits’ outranked all other benefits as the leading motivator for taking collagen, ahead of protein content, joint health, bone health and pain/inflammation. Findings showed beauty was the most prominent purchase motivator in China, significantly ahead as the dominant reason for purchasing collagen supplements.

“Beauty-from-within still dominates as the reason consumers of supplements take collagen – especially in China, Italy and the US,”​ Len Monheit, CEO of ITC and the Collagen Stewardship Alliance (CSA) which represents the collagen sector, told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.


And the data set revealed little generational discrepancy. “For collagen consumers, beauty is the top concern regardless of age group, with only a 5% swing as respondents’ age increases,”​ Monheit said.

The survey found typical collagen users spend about €30 per month on supplements, with capsules, beverages and pills preferred over powders, although all these formats were popular.

While women remained the most interested in edible beauty, about half as many men purchased collagen supplements for reasons of beauty, more than for any other reason among males.


The call for more science and better claims

The collagen market has sustained a meteoric decade-long rise even with a nascent level of science-backing and few authorised health claims anywhere in the world – certainly none in Europe – although claims enforcement by local standards agencies is notoriously lax in many European countries.