May 28, 2023


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Column: Closet purge poses fashion questions | Columnists

I sighed as I shoved my party clothes to the back corner. Last Christmas I purchased a dress in a candy cane print, a holiday number you don’t dare wear before Thanksgiving or a day past New Year’s. I wore the dress a few times last December, but something tells me this holiday season? Slim chance it’ll see the light of day.

This summer I noted in a Walmart ad that the 1930s milkmaid dresses — dull prints, fitted waist, button front — were making a comeback, which made this COVID time warp even weirder. Looking to Walmart for fashion advice is one thing, but what those Walmart apparel buyers forgot was that Great Depression people actually dressed up. They still had places to go.

Reviewing what remained of my wardrobe, I asked myself which items are in style? Are angled hemlines still a thing? What about sweaters with drapey points? Tops with shoulder holes?

For my own edification, I Googled fall fashion trends for 2020, so in case I’m heading to Food Lion or Target, I’ll be on trend when I do the drug-store drive-thru.

A few style statements and my notes:

1. Fringe — Nope. If I didn’t wear that in high school, I’m not wearing it now.

2. Faux leather puff sleeve blouses — A blouse made of vinyl? Who thinks this is a good idea?