June 5, 2023


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Cute Simpsons Clothing For Tweens at Old Navy

When I think about classic cartoons from the ’90s that have real staying power today, it’s hard to ignore the transcendent likability — and relatability — of The Simpsons franchise and characters. It was a show about a bold family who were true to themselves, and while I haven’t seen it in years, I still flash back to a specific episode where Homer reluctantly takes out the garbage every time I take out mine (it’s a hilarious scene and worth rewatching). That perhaps explains why remembering episodes, talking about the show, and wearing characters like Bart and Lisa on our clothing never gets old, either.

Thanks to the brand-new fashion launch POPSUGAR x Old Navy, there’s even more stylish Simpsons clothing to rock — this time, for the tweens. The new affordable collab is all about self-expression, and features four iconic separates of the outspoken Simpsons characters on them. As the next generation of tweens are taking control of their wardrobes and their style for the first time, they’ll likely find a connection to the strong-minded Simpsons characters that, while decades old, are still relevant today.

Need styling inspo? Three of the pieces come in unisex sizing, and can be mix-and-matched with other pieces in the collection. It’s all about that cozy, laid-back vibe right now.