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Deal: Save 25% on Indestructible Stockings From Sheertex

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About a year and a half ago, I wrote a thorough rundown of Sheertex and argued that the brand’s unbreakable hosiery is one of the best gifts you can give to the lady in your life. TLDR: Sheertex claims they’ve designed the “world’s strongest tights,” using a special knit technology that employs a miniaturized version of fibers found in climbing and sailing equipment.

A typical pair of stockings often has a very short shelf life. If you’re lucky (and extra careful) you can preserve your nylons for a few months, but they will inevitably rip and acquire multiple runs (it’s how Big Hosiery stays in business). I have witnessed a substantial amount of nylon carnage in my day, but never with Sheertex.

I currently own and often wear three of the brand’s tights — the Classic Sheer Tights, sexy Classic Ultrasheer Tights and fun Polka-Dot Classic Sheer Tights — and have never had an issue with any pair. But besides saving me time and money on stocking restocks every couple weeks, Sheertex’s tights are also just insanely comfortable, fitting snugly and securely without causing me to feel stiff and stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, because just in time for prime stocking season, Sheertex is taking 25% off sitewide, meaning you can save on indestructible tights and pantyhose, thigh and knee-highs plus socks and accessories.

To reiterate once more, Sheertex’s hosiery makes for a phenomenal gift, so whether you’re looking to start your holiday shopping early or just want to surprise the woman in your life with a thoughtful gift, this sale is the perfect time to do so.