June 5, 2023


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Delightful Sparkly Clothes, Just In Time For The Holidays

“Why not?” is a question I have been increasingly asking myself as this year comes to a close. For the most part, this question is used responsibly, not apathetically. Why not meditate for five minutes before starting my day? Should I work out today? Honestly, why not? The saying has unexpectedly become a bit of a north star over the past few weeks. 

Recently, while working on an article about 2020-appropriate holiday dresses (because lots of short and tight party dresses are no longer ideal for a New Years Eve spent at home), that little voice perked up everytime something downright sparkly flashed across my computer screen. “Why not?” Blame it on the holiday season, but a touch of diamanté on a pair of boots, a crystal-encrusted hair clip, or a brilliant, embellished party dress suddenly felt like the perfect pick me up. You can still dress brilliantly for a party-less holiday season. A glitzy accessory or dazzling piece of clothing can make you feel like you’re celebrating, even if you’re at home

Here, 23 delightful diamanté pick-me-ups to add some sparkle to your holiday season. 

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