Katy said she’s planning on purchasing her own tool kit and drill so she can embark on more projects like this.

The homeowner’s main advice for Britons looking to take on a similar project is to think and plan ahead.

“I wouldn’t just sledgehammer down a wall or drill through a wall without really carefully thinking about what you want the end product to look like,” she said.

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Jenni’s home office could not be more different from Katy’s.

The homeowner designed hers to look decadent, luxurious and big enough for two people.

Jenni decided to convert the dining room into a large double office for both herself and her sister, who her company hired.

She said: “That room was the dining room before. There was a big walkway at the back of the house, we just thought we could put the dining table there.

“We haven’t got another room downstairs that was big enough for an office.”

Jenni, who bought her property in 2014, said she had always been interested in interior design but only began attempting her own projects over the last few years.

She chose the leopard print wallpaper – which she bought for £13 a roll from Next – when she first moved in and then slowly added plants and other furnishings along the way.

The DIYer said she gets her inspiration from Instagram by following a plethora of home accounts.

Her own Instagram account, @march_on_magnolia, is where she documents her incredible interior projects and transformations.

Jenni said she bought a lot of her furniture second-hand from Facebook Marketplace.

She added: “In the study we also put an IKEA day bed, that looks like a sofa in the day, with loads of scatter cushions over it.