October 4, 2023


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DIY Updos – Columbia Metropolitan Magazine

When the world slowed down this year, DIY took on an all-new meaning. Suddenly, doing it yourself was not just a bespoke method for updating home decor but a necessary solution for services you might normally outsource, from home repair to manicures.

For those planning weddings, a DIY approach became all but essential. Traditional services were swapped for intimate vow exchanges with elaborate receptions significantly scaled down.

From the simplest styles to more elegant updos, there are as many DIY hairstyle options as there are blushing brides, and some are relatively easy to achieve, both for the bride and her friends and family.

Keep it Simple

When planning your look, less is often more. Just as an elegant dress silhouette topped with a string of pearls offers a classically fresh appearance, so too can the simplest of hairstyles.

To start, consider whether you would prefer to wear your hair high atop your head or lower, on the back, or along the side. Keep in mind the length and weight of your hair and how many hours the updo must stay in place. Typically, the lower the hairstyle, the easier an updo is to achieve, regardless of hair length, and the less strain on the head and neck.

Chic chignons, any type of knot or bun at the nape of the neck, can be surprisingly low-maintenance and come in many forms. From cleanly swept styles to those featuring twisted and wrapped pieces of hair, there is no wrong way to create a low updo.

A high bun might feel like a bold choice, but nothing quite tops off a classic bridal look like an elegant top knot. Remember, a hair donut is your best friend, making unruly hair appear smooth and thin hair appear full. Have plenty of hairpins on hand, and don’t be afraid to keep everything in place with plenty of extra-strength hairspray.

If a bun or knot is not for you, don’t forget about the ponytail. Who says this style is only for the sporty? With a few tricks, you can create an elegant pony to perfectly accompany your look. Bridal ponytails can be worn low or high, messy or tight. Tease your hair or use a hair bump to give your style a fuller look, and use excess hair to conceal hair ties. Complete the pony with a few beautiful, bouncy curls.

Make it Messy

For the whimsical and romantic, you are in luck! Messy updos featuring loose braids and relaxed curls are in vogue and delightfully easy to style yourself.

To start, wash your hair several days in advance. Hair that has not just been washed is easier to style, particularly when it comes to less-ordered looks. If you have naturally straight hair, add plenty of curls and hair product to give your locks texture before beginning to style.

Braids create structure and can help build the foundation of a messy updo. Play with your look in advance to see what works. Perhaps you prefer one large, loose braid framing a side of your face or half a dozen smaller braids wrapping around the crown of the head. To achieve a messier effect, be sure to pull pieces of hair slightly out of braid form to loosen the look.

Top It Off

Using an accessory or two is one of the best ways to give your hairstyle a polished look. These don’t need to be expensive or complicated and can suit every style. If you’re a flower lover, talk with your florist about piecing together a special hair accessory to match your bouquet.

For a more elegant look, insert a hairpin that complements your earrings or necklace. Pearls add a classic touch, and a large pin can add more of a statement, particularly if your dress is simple in material and form. Today’s updos, so easily done yourself or with a little assistance from products and a friend, add classic elegance to any occasion, whether it is a wedding or even a special dinner at home.