August 9, 2022


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Enjoy The Skiing Season With Isbjorn’s Kids Ski Jackets & Ski Sets

How To Dress Your Kid For Skiing Season (2021-2022) With Isbjorn

Now that Isbjorn of Sweden’s high-performance and sustainable Fall/Winter 2021 collection for kids and teens is available, founder Maria Frykman gives her expert advice on staying safe and protected in the mountains by dressing the Swedish way.

Sweden’s famous outdoor kidswear brand Isbjorn is all about offering young adventurers unmatched high-performance, sustainable apparel designed for the harshest winter conditions, such as arctic temperatures of up to -4F.

outdoor kidswear brand Isbjörn

In Sweden, winter outdoor life is the norm for children, as they grow up enjoying skiing and mountain adventures.

Maria founded Isbjorn 15 years ago with her friend Camilla Schmidt – who has three outdoorsy kids herself – after having her first child:

“Everything was made from cotton at that time and wasn’t durable enough but we were determined to change this – after all, why should children compromise on the performance of adult gear?”

Named after the toughest animal on the planet, the Polar Bear, Isbjorn’s ‘[email protected]’ ethos is all about “what is best for your child is best for the planet.”

As we showcase some highlights from Isbjorn’s FW21 collection, Maria gives The VOU some excellent tips and style suggestions on dressing the Swedish way this Fall/Winter ski season.

The Swedes famously believe there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

Tip 1: Dress like it’s going to be -4F in the mountains and get it right in the middle

Kids winter clothes for skiing

It’s all about the right layering, here in Sweden.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will it snow?
  • Will it rain?
  • Will the sun come out or go in?

Weather and temperatures can change from one hour to the next, so having a mid-layer you can take on and off when needed provides true versatility and easy comfort.

The brand’s padded Frost jacket with PrimaLoft eco-recycled insulation not only looks cool and stylish but also offers the best thermal performance, water resistance, and excellent compressibility for easy storage in backpacks.

Isbjorn of SwedenFrost Light Weight Jacket for Kids

Frost Lightweight Jackets For Kids
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Isbjorn of SwedenToddler Padded Jumpsuit

Toddler Padded Jumpsuit for Toddlers

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Tip 2: Ultimate protection from the outer layer – Swedish kids prefer a playsuit

Kids and Toddlers winter clothes

“In Sweden, children prefer playsuits over standalone jackets and pants.”

Not getting snow inside the ‘all-in-one’ snowsuit and having air flowing freely for a balanced temperature, rather than being cut off at the waist, keeps kids happy and prolongs their enjoyment in the snowy weather.

Also, children tend to show independence towards parents and snowsuits are ideal in this case, as it gives them the opportunity to dress themselves.

In this range, the brand’s multi-award-winning Penguin playsuit is perfect for children.

Isbjorn’s famous Penguin playsuit has won the coveted Bast-i-Test (Best in Test) winter apparel for kids, in the Premium category for eight consecutive years.

With features such as grow cuffs which add a further 3cm to arms and legs, it’s not surprising this famous playsuit is still going strong after 15 years.

Isbjorn Carving Winter Jacket

Carving Winter Jacket for Kids

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Who is Isbjorn of Sweden?

Isbjorn of Sweden was founded in 2005 by Maria Frykman Forsberg and Camilla Schmidt after they became mothers, seeking to create high-quality and comfortable outdoor garments for their children.

The brand believes that all children are “Multisporters by Nature” and should be allowed to enjoy outdoor activities in all weather conditions while remaining warm, dry, and comfortable.

Isbjorn of Sweden winter apparel is made from recycled materials, as the company continues to strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, while still producing long-lasting, tough, and premium quality garments that emulate adult styles and materials.

The brand is symbolized by the Polar Bear – the toughest animal on the planet.

About Bluesign Technologies AG

Isbjorn of Sweden is the first outdoor children’s wear brand to become a ‘Bluesign System’ partner.

The ‘Bluesign System’ is the most sustainable solution to textile production.

It eliminates harmful substances right at the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets/controls the standards required to create environmentally friendly and safe production.

This approach ensures that the final product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide and provides confidence to the consumer interested in sustainable products.

Bluesign Technologies AG was founded in 2000. Since then, the Bluesign system has been adopted by worldwide leading textile manufacturers.

Several significant key players in the chemical and machinery industries rely on the Bluesign system.

Similarly, well-known brands in the outdoor, sportswear, and fashion landscapes rely on Bluesign’s innovative technologies.