September 22, 2023


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Erin Napier Shares Photo of Her Parents on Their Wedding Day 46 Years Ago

Brooke Davis

We’ve long felt our hearts swoon for the sweet, loving marriage between HGTV’s Home Town stars, Ben and Erin Napier (in addition to seeing their relationship on the show, if you follow the two on social media, it’s clear how deeply the duo love and respect each other). Now, we’re melting over the beautiful union between Erin’s parents, Phil and Karen Rasberry.

This Sunday, Erin shared two beautiful photos on Instagram honoring her mother and father’s 46th wedding anniversary. The first photo featured the young couple decked out in white on their wedding day, with big smiles plastered across their faces. The second is what we presume is a recent snapshot of the couple fixing a meal in the kitchen together, looking every bit as radiant and fulfilled as they did on their wedding day.

“46 years. So thankful these two found each other and showed my brother and I what marriage and parenting should look like. Happy anniversary mama & daddy!” Erin captioned the photos, which has thus far received 63,645 likes and counting.

Fans clearly loved the photos with people chiming in with comments like “Aww! You look just like your Dad, with a sprinkle of your Mom” and “What happy, joyous, smiling faces!”

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“We have had our sweetest memories as a family to date inside this little airplane without wings and I can’t wait to show Helen the USA as she grows up. “

Are you a superfan of Home Town? If so, we’ve got some good news: In May, HGTV announced that Home Town would be returning for a fifth season. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to returning to Laurel for one of our favorite home renovation shows, and we hope to follow Ben and Erin’s journey for yet more seasons to come. In a blink, their 46th wedding anniversary will be here—but as they often remind us, savor the small moments and life has a way of rewarding you with much good along the way.