September 27, 2023


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Everlane Face Mask Is Stylish, Breathable, Washable

The more and more I wear a face mask, the more it becomes a part of how I think. Not only am I searching for one that’s comfortable, and one that’s well made, I’m also on the hunt for something that’s stylish. The face mask needs to work well, but also needs to go with whatever I’m wearing. Thankfully, one of our favorite brands makes a face mask that is more than just functional, it’s stylish, too. 

Everlane’s 100{a38ddb2ded6b05e28c8ae73a8db0e271c21f7193684bd9e4e28acae292f81d99} Human Face Mask is one of my favorites. 10{a38ddb2ded6b05e28c8ae73a8db0e271c21f7193684bd9e4e28acae292f81d99} of all profits go to the ACLU, and as of this writing, Everlane has donated over $600,000 through this program. Each reusable face mask comes in a pack of five. They are made out of a double-layer knit fabric and cotton-Lycra ear loops that are comfortable on the ears. There are three different color options — an all black pack, an assorted pack that includes grey and green, and my personal favorite, a tie-dye pack. I think the tie-dye masks are perfect for summer, and look extremely unique and stylish, without being overly flashy. All of the masks are machine washable, which is convenient. I can tell you first hand, not only are they comfortable on my face, but I feel stylish in them, too.

To me, face masks are like good T-shirts: you can never have too many. Thankfully, Everlane makes a great face mask worth picking up (and their T-shirts aren’t half bad, either). 

Everlane 100{a38ddb2ded6b05e28c8ae73a8db0e271c21f7193684bd9e4e28acae292f81d99} Human Face Mask

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