August 9, 2022


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fash-on, Fashion Commerce O4O Solution, Suggests New Way of Shopping Experience: CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, COMMERCE

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–fash-on, a fashion and retail tech startup, announced upcoming launch of its fashion commerce O4O solution ‘fash-on’ in this year 2022.

As the keyword to connect, communicate and commerce, fash-on is an online-offline combined fashion commerce solution optimized for the post-COVID-19 era that provides both strengths of offline stores and personalized contact-free technologies.

fash-on offers Personal Digital Closet Service that enables customers to understand their own preferences and use them in shopping by creating online information on their favorite clothes. It also provides Personal Shopper Service that allows customers to experience remote shopping and styling service by connecting with salespersons at offline stores one-to-one. The company will provide personal closet commerce and social commerce experiences by launching the mobile application by end of this year.

fash-on will also join the market of the in-store kiosk of diverse brands and retails. Retails and brands highly evaluated the kiosk of fash-on as a channel for in-store promotion and contact-free customer sales.

Patent-verified simple and fast coordination GUI solution of fash-on and stylish external design of its shop kiosk are gaining popularity among Millennials and Generation Z.

Since it was selected as a style tech startup by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion and LG Display, fash-on has been preparing proof of concept (PoC) and market optimization for its service model. It is creating business opportunities with global retails and brands in collaboration with accelerators in other countries.

“We aim to explore the new way to the fashion commerce market in advance by popularizing personal shopper service in our unique and affordable way which has been provided as premium VIP service,” said Jong Ko, Founder of fash-on.

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