July 1, 2022


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Fleur Du Mal’s CEO Talks Sustainability, Brand’s Expansion From Lingerie To Apparel, Sex Toys & Swim

Fleur du Mal, the brand best known for its sultry, luxurious lingerie, has introduced an array of gorgeous new products, including silk slip dresses, swimwear, several wellness products and sex toys. 

Their latest collection, inspired by ice cream, includes lingerie, jeans and sweatshirts, all embroidered with little ice cream cones. The cute motif is carried onto dresses, tops, T-shirts and more, and there is even a Neapolitan ice cream panty pint, which has three different “flavored” panties inside: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. 

CEO Jennifer Zuccarini said that when she launched Fleur—named after the famous collection of poems by Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal—in 2012, she “had a vision for a brand that spoke to women who are powerful, chic and not afraid to express their femininity or sexuality.”

Fleur, she said, “takes a fashion approach to lingerie and applies a lingerie language to fashion.” Her goal is to create products that make women feel their best while they’re getting dressed—and undressed.

Zuccarini embraces sexuality in a way that is both tasteful and unapologetic. On Fleur’s website, shoppers can find 10 different vibrators, as well as intimacy bath salts, oils, blindfolds and books on pleasure. It may seem a bit wild that one tab away from Fleur Marché’s Sex Plz patches (which promise to make one horny for up to 12 hours) one can find a flowery midi dress for brunch with the in-laws and sporty silk boxers to Netflix and chill in, but in reality, nothing feels out of place. Fleur’s fierce, sensual, feminine aesthetic comes through in every single design. It’s obvious the founder knows her muse, and it’s obvious that muse is a hot, dynamic boss.

“The Fleur customer is comfortable embracing both her femininity and sexuality, knowing that these two qualities don’t have to be mutually exclusive. She is strong and intelligent, with an eye for style and design,” Zuccarini said. “Our younger customer might style a bodysuit with jeans, or wear a bra as a top with total confidence, for example, whereas a more seasoned client might wear a slip dress under a suit.” 

Speaking of her sweet new drop, which mixes the sexy, the elegant and the casual, Zuccarini said she finds inspiration in sourcing and developing beautiful fabrics and prints, and it’s not unusual for her to carry a certain theme into different product categories. “For swim, I’m often inspired by taking lingerie elements and applying them to swimwear,” she said.

Some of the brand’s current bestsellers are actually the swims, which can easily be worn as lingerie under a washable silk PJ set or a pastel silk slip—to go from pool to pool party. 

Zuccarini is obsessed with silk, not just because of how luxurious and stunning it is, but because it’s extremely durable and, if properly cared for, can last many years.

The founder doesn’t believe in fast fashion. She said she invests in her fabrics and always creates collections she hopes her customers will hold on to. Every item—be it an intricately-designed lacy bra or a graphic tee—is made with high-end materials and longevity in mind.

That conscious, minimal-waste approach to fashion, is what led Zuccarini to create the brand’s first collection made from 80% recycled materials. It will debut this fall.

“Our customer is back in the world and dressing up!” the founder said, adding that she’s seen a return to” sexy ready-to-wear occasion dresses” following a year of sweats, and Fleur’s boutiques in New York and Los Angeles have been buzzing with people getting ready for trips and summer plans.

“It’s an exciting time and we’re all ready for it,” Zuccarini said.