October 6, 2022


We Bring Good Things to Life

For the babies; CPC raises over $200K at annual fundraising gala | Local News

A dry eye was nowhere to be seen as Abby Johnson finished sharing her story during the March 4 Cleburne Pregnancy Center Boots & Booties Fundraising Gala.

Johnson shared about her first abortion when she was in college and how her journey led her to a career as a director of a Planned Parenthood center.

She started volunteering at the clinic and then started working there.

“I really believed that I was doing the right thing,” Johnson said. “I really believed that I was there helping women.”

During the last year of her eight-year tenure, things began to change.

“Looking back I couldn’t figure out if it was that things were really changing with the organization or was it just that I had now gotten so high up in the ladder of Planned Parenthood that now I was really seeing what we’ve been about all along,” she said.

Johnson’s life was dramatically changed when she was called in to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion of a 13-week-old baby.

“As I held that probe on the woman’s abdomen and I looked up at the screen and I saw a perfectly formed baby,” she said. “I watched as the suction tube, which wasn’t yet turned on, go into the woman’s uterus and as it got closer and closer to the side of the baby it finally touched him. When it did, he jumped.”

“I stood there thinking, ‘That wasn’t supposed to happen.’ This baby was not supposed to feel what was happening in the womb.”

The most commonly asked question women had before an abortion was, “Will my baby feel anything?”

“The answer we had given back to them thousands of times was, ‘No, the baby has no sensory development and does not feel anything until 28 weeks,’” she said. “But I had seen something very different. I had seen this 13-week-old baby fighting and struggling for his life. I knew that baby had felt what had just happened to him. I knew that was a lie. We had been lying to these women.”

Johnson knew at that moment in her life that something was going to have to change, she said.

“At that very moment, standing in the middle of an abortion clinic, God broke a very thick, callused part of my heart,” she said. “God turned my heart of stone into a heart of love.”

Johnson’s story was featured in the 2019 movie, “Unplanned,” which was made from her book with the same name.

The event, which featured a steak dinner from Take A Break Catering, netted over $200,000 for the CPC.

“It is a delight to be with you to celebrate lives saved and lives transformed by the mission of Cleburne Pregnancy Center,” Executive Director Meredith Bailey said. “For me tonight is about giving praise to Jesus for his goodness and his mercy to the beautiful, beloved mothers, fathers and babies our team is honored to serve. Every heartbeat is precious to the Lord.”

In 2021, the CPC served 1,755 clients, providing counseling for 541 women. They performed 324 sonograms, with 303 abortion-leading clients choosing life. Thirty-six made decisions to follow Christ after visiting the CPC.

“Praise be to God for such an amazing community who affirm life,” Development Director Pam Preston said. “We are grateful and honored to be a part of such a wonderful community.”

The CPC is at 100 S. Main St. For information, call 817-641-7741 or visit cleburnepc.com or careforcpc.com.