Happy 2nd January, everyone! – said no one ever. This morning, any leftover New Year’s Eve Champagne is flat and the only sparkle in our lives comes from the stray sequins that drifted under the sofa during Auld Lang Syne. 

While we can all feel good about putting 2020 behind us, it’s clear that this New Year represents less a fresh start, more a final slog to the mother of all finish lines. In fact this could be the most Januaryish January ever. How to get through it? 

Think ‘happy new tiers’

If there’s one upside to our straitened times, it’s that this year, fewer people should feel social pressure to attempt a veganuary or dry January. I’d like to see a moratorium on self-improvement drives in favour of treating ourselves like people who deserve niceness. 

In style terms, this means not just reaching for leggings and yesterday’s sweatshirt, but getting dressed. For a while I got into the habit of leaving my good cashmere jumpers on the shelf because I didn’t want to risk stains or snags when I was only at home with the kids. Wear the good cashmere, I now say. Yes, even though you’ll have to hand-wash it and comb it and generally tend to it like a high-maintenance pet.

On non-knitwear days, I’ll reach for happy tiers – Whistles’ grey chambray dress looks smart over roll-neck bodysuits and with boots, but feels just as easy as your favourite loungewear.