September 21, 2023


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Healing Stones and Crystals: A Guide to Mood-Boosting Accessories

From amethyst to citrine and everywhere in between, crystals have been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine, and, more recently, have come into mainstream popularity. These small, soothing gems are purported to promote positive energy, offer protection from negative energy, or ground you in the present moment. Lizzo can be seen meditating with crystals in Vogue’s “Postcards From Home,” and model Indira Scott does a daily crystals session. Kristin Petrovich, cofounder of the gem-infused skin-care line Själ Skincare notes that crystals have increasingly been incorporated into Western medicine as well. While the jury is still out on any exact science behind magic crystals, I am certainly willing to see what the hype is about.

Assistant market editor Ciarra Lorren Zatorski was lucky enough to have a one-on-one crystal reading session with Mariah K. Lyons, founder of the shoe brand Astara, which incorporates stones into its shoes. “We’re moving into a space of living more intentionally and it comes down to what people want to put into their body and their life,” Lyons says, and crystals are a part of that. Zatorski notes that though Lyons’s process was initially foreign to her, Lyons identified stones that correlated to her values and helped her clarify intentions, such as family and prosperity. Meanwhile, the healing intentions that I have found most useful to focus on are creativity, visualization, self-care, and balance. Below, find a roundup of our favorite calming stone pieces to guide your journey toward more intentional living.


New York–based jewelry designer Pamela Love, whose work is centered around intuition and spirituality, notes that inspiration and “internal vision” comes from stones such as lapis lazuli. Her lapis Mojave hoops or Artemest’s amber vase aids in letting your inner creativity to shine.

Ingram Cecil vintage midcentury 14-karat rose gold 9.32-carat lapis lazuli signet ring

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Everyone should prioritize self-care right now, even though that isn’t always possible. Rest your head on a rose quartz–patterned pillow to get a good night’s sleep (even though it’s not a crystal, it’s still a zen nod to the practice). Or lean into the healing properties of Adore Adorn’s aptly named Healing Kit, which contains motivational mantras and manifestation crystals.

Aviva Stanoff Gravity rose-quartz pillow

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Adore Adorn Healing bundle box kit

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Wicks and Stones Wanderlust crystal candle

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The Urban + The Mystic Calling in Love box



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The energy from moonstone and clear quartz can help you visualize your thoughts, dreams, and hopes. A.M. Thorne’s triple moonstone ring allow you to connect to your visualizations, while GeoCentral’s mini stone pack will help clarify these intentions.

A.M. Thorne triple-rainbow Moonstone ring

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Foundrae mixed belcher chain and baby dream medallion necklace

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Astara Sahara clear-quartz sandals

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Specific crystals allow us to be grounded and live in the moment. The hematite in Astara’s Protection Kit brings you into the present, while Isa Noy’s gold three-tier rock earrings offer recharging properties.

Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren

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Isa Noy gold three-tier rock earrings

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