February 5, 2023


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Here’s why Rachel, Monica, Phoebe are still considered as style icons

90s kids will understand it when we say that we have grown up idolising Rachel, Monica and Phoebe’s styles from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. From Rachel’s mini skirts, Monica’s denims and Phoebe’s maxi dresses, every episode is a lesson on how to look chic and stylish, which is relevant even today. 

Here are some of the most iconic looks from the show. 

Phoebe’s husband’s involvement

With the mini-skirt and stockings combo, no one was proud to show a Rachel Green outfit quite like she did in the ‘90s. Phoebe, too, looks stylish and classy despite her Barbie-like, ‘60s-inspired pink and white shift dress.

The engagement photo

Monica’s clothing was seamless and tasteful throughout the series, but her look for this episode was effortless and chic. The style is more modern, elegant, and edgy and looks great with fall outfits, whether for engagement photos or not.

The one where everybody finds out

The bright reddish-orange coat made Phoebe look loud, amusing, as well as ridiculously sexy!

The one where no one’s ready

Rachel could have looked good in a turtleneck hoodie at Ross’s soiree; she just attended his soiree in this hoodie, and it seemed rather good.

The one with East German laundry detergent

With its high waist and twisted tank top style, this denim is not out of place in today’s fashion world.

The one at the beach

Despite their similarities, Monica’s custom-tailored denim is a fantastic reimagining of the Canadian bodysuit.

The one with Ross’s wedding

Rachel’s slip dress and all the outfits in her bags re-define fashion.

The one with Chandler in a box

Rachael’s miniskirt-and-boots combination was one of her go-to outfits throughout the show, and it’s now one of the favourites among fashion enthusiasts. Monica’s outfit, which includes Chuck Taylor sneakers, denim, and a flannel jacket, would be appropriate even in this day and age. Your styles may continue to evolve as fashions change, and you may be able to incorporate a little glam into the 2021 costumes.

The one where Rachel finds out

Monica’s girl-next-door look in her Urban Outfitters head-to-toe maxi dress gives an “oomph” in the fashion world.

The one with Rachel’s crush

Rachel’s embellished dress and tights ensemble makes us ask for more!

The one after the Superbowl

Phoebe showed us that an oversized hoodie or a jumper can be worn with any outfit and looks elegant.

The one with the flashback

Monica reminds us that all we need for a girls’ night out is to put on a nice pair of Levi’s and a crocheted tank-top. Moreover, the overly large suit jacket was a fashion trend in the early 1990s, and it is mentioned in this because one of Joey’s college roommates wore one. You can now possibly purchase an overly large outfit that is still in trend.

The one where Paul’s the man

A Hawaiian shirt isn’t just worn by dads on spring break or enjoying a cold one. To find styling ideas, look at Rachel’s garb; for casual, easy days, go for a white tank top and cargo shorts with your top button unbuttoned.