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How To Add A Splash Of Fall Fashion During Hot Texas Temps With Estilo

Stephanie Coultress O’Neill of Estilo joined Studio 512 to help us get ready for fall fashion even as the Texas temps continue to scorch. See what tips Stephanie has for transitioning to a fall wardrobe.

Shorts are a great way to wear fall colors but still be cool in the hot temps. This time of year, there are a lot of cute short sets in the fall color palette. These are great because when it gets a little cooler you can throw a cute jean or motorcycle jacket on.

A good slide or leather sandal is key to transition fall outfits in hotter weather too. You will see those paired with all these outfits. Once the weather starts to turn cooler, you can pair the same outfits with your booties.

An all neutral outfit is seasonless and always works well to transition seasons. Pair a light weight Neutral pant with the same color tank and you have a chic outfit for work or going out. This also looks great with a blazer over it.

Cute mini dresses are a staple year round and are a great way to transition and stay cool. Wear them with a leather sandal or slide and transition to booties later in season. This olive mini dress is made of cotton gauze that is lightweight and breathable.

Estilo Men

Shorts are a year round staple in Austin. Pair your shorts with a nice lightweight button down shirt and roll your sleeves up. A grey short is always good to have in your closet. Lightweight pants are key for guys. There are a lot of athletic -inspired pants that breathe nicely and look sharp.

Embrace the fall colors, like this mustard short. You can still wear your summer styles but in the fall colors.

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