I love shopping just as much as the next person, but if there’s anything that I learned this year, it’s that there’s a lot you can do with the pieces in your closet if you focus on re-wearing rather than immediately purchasing something new off impulse. I know, wearing your clothes more than once may seem like a simple task, but as someone who loves experimenting with new trends and styles, it can be tempting to quickly hit add to cart instead of looking at items already own.

I first cut down my purchases at the beginning of the year simply upon the realization that I wasn’t going out as much, and when I sat down to take a deeper look at my closet, I found outfit options that I would never even have thought of before. The most surprising part of it all? The pieces I rewore the most weren’t exactly the ‘trendiest’ of pieces, they were basics that elevated all of my looks. In a world of social media, it can be easy to always want what’s new and Instagram-worthy, rather than investing in staple pieces to purchase that you’ll wear for years to come, or basic items that are collecting dust in your closets. 

It’s my job to share my fashion revelations here at Who What Wear, so I took a dive through my Instagram and camera roll to find the pieces that I re-wore the most and shared them with you below, along with all the different ways I styled each. Keep scrolling to take a look, maybe you’ll find surprisingly new outfit ideas from pieces you haven’t worn in some time.