November 30, 2023


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Lacoste and Minecraft Drop New Collaboration to Change Fashion and Gaming

Lacoste and Minecraft Drop New Collaboration to Change Fashion and Gaming

“Minecraft gives agency to the player as a crafter, being able to shape, change, and mold its world, and for that reason it remains timeless,” AtomicMari added. “It can be a hub for community building, competitive gameplay, cathartic solo adventuring, meticulously detailed master builds, and so on.” 

So with timeless creativity and self-expression at the forefront, Minecraft wanted to do something beyond the screen. To follow past collaborations, the developers of the game specifically worked with Lacoste to create an elevated collection to spark next-level inspiration (and you heard it here, first)

Image via Lacoste

In fact, the world of fashion has seamlessly cemented itself in Minecraft culture. Not only can users dress themselves up, some have gone on to create digital fashion shows of their own. These Minecraft designers expertly use the game’s range of building blocks for fits you’d want to cop IRL, making the game a natural partner for Lacoste.

Founded in 1933 by French tennis player René Lacoste, the brand exists to give people great gear to sport on and off the court. Fast forward to this month and that’s exactly what this collab is all about. Lacoste is here to push gamers to think outside the box with versatile apparel perfect for mining and wherever you go afterwards. The originality no longer ends when you stop playing, these Lacoste x Minecraft statement pieces will keep your creative juices flowing. 

“I absolutely adore the streetwear style they’ve gone for, and every piece is so interesting,” streamer SMajor shared. “They’re so cool and the branding is so subtle that you can really wear it with anything … even some of the stuff the girls modeled looked amazing, so if it fits me, I’ll wear that too.” 

And to give like-minded individuals eager to find something new in the game, Lacoste also created the Crocodile Island Minecraft map where people can meet to mingle and play—which will feature a tennis court, skyscrapers, more. 

The collection is set to officially drop later this month. To celebrate, Lacoste will host a live gaming experience in Paris starring AtomicMari and SMajor alongside other well-known names in gaming and fashion.

“Video games have opened an immensely unexpected path for so many of us in the industry—and for me, working with Lacoste and supporting a launch like this is a reflection of that,” AtomicMari said. “It reminds me to keep creating (and crafting) with the mindset that it’s boundless.” 

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