September 21, 2023


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Lind: Do you know who was in this old Fargo wedding photo?

Here’s a nice wedding picture from years ago. But it is unknown who the people are.

Sally Wittman, of Santa Cruz, Calif., found it in a collection of her parents’ photos and sent a copy of it to “Neighbors.”

Sally’s parents, Fern and Charles (who went by Chuck or Chris) Christensen, once lived in Fargo, then moved to Portland, Ore., in 1937.

Sally assumes the wedding couple lived in or near Fargo and were friends of her parents, as the photo was taken by Scherling’s Studio in Fargo, probably in the late 1930s or ‘40s.

She ran this picture by Scherling’s, but the people there today have no idea who the people in it are.

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“I just can’t throw this lovely wedding photo away; I’m sure it would mean a lot to someone,” Sally writes. “I will be happy to send it to the heirs, if you can find them.”

Are you among the heirs of this wedding couple? If so, Sally has this picture she’s eager to send to you.

Let “Neighbors” know.

A reader found this old wedding photo among their parents' belongings. Special to The Forum

A reader found this old wedding photo among their parents’ belongings. Special to The Forum

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