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Man Denied Entry in Bank for Wearing Shorts, Told to Come in ‘Full Pants’

A Twitter user, who goes by ‘Ashish’ on the microblogging platform, claimed that he was denied entry at a State Bank of India branch because he was wearing shorts. He alleged that he was told to go back and return wearing “full pants” because customers were expected to “maintain decency”. Tagging the SBI handle on Twitter, the user wrote, “Hey @TheOfficialSBI went to one of your branch today wearing shorts, was told that I need to come back wearing full pants as the branch expects customers to “maintain decency”. Is there some sort of an official policy on what a customer can wear and cannot wear?” The tweet garnered upwards of 2000 likes and people pitched in with their opinions. The original user also shared a news article by The Bridge Chronicle, which reported a similar incident in Pune. “Can you please point me to a dress code for customers?” Ashish asked SBI.

He also wrote in response to a user’s comment asking for clarification, “The gist is I entered the branch, a peon told me to come back in full pants, I said where is the rule written, the entire staff started shouting at me, I retorted back, and came back after asking the process to close the account (which is why I had gone to the bank)”.

The bank responded, clarifying that “there is no policy or prescribed dress code for our customers. They can dress up as per their choice and may consider the locally acceptable norms/tradition/culture for a public place like bank branch. We request you to share the branch code/ name where you faced this issue. We will look into this”. After this, the correspondence was taken to Twitter DMs. Following this, Ashish posted an update on the situation, tagging SBI. He wrote: “Hello

@TheOfficialSBI I have with me Joy Chakraborty (CM Admin of the region) with me, they came to my home and have taken care of the Issue. I would like to close this complaint and do not want any action against the staff (sic)”.

Twitter users weighed in with their opinions on both sides of the matter.

In another incident where a queer couple took their complaint to Twitter, Axis Bank had recently been criticised. A Twitter user shared how she and her partner were left harassed and felt humiliated at a bank where the duo had gone to open a joint account. So why did the woman and her partner go to the bank in the first place? It turns out, Axis Bank had released a new charter of policies to celebrate abolishment of Art 377 and to celebrate the anniversary of this decision, Axis Bank introduced a ‘Come As You Are’ scheme of policies for LGBTQ customers and employees. The user shared her entire experience in a thread.

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