September 21, 2023


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meet the over 50s taking over TikTok

Tiktok Daphne Guinness Anna Dello Russo Karina Vigier - TikTok: @daphneguinness @annadellorussoreal @bykarinav
Tiktok Daphne Guinness Anna Dello Russo Karina Vigier – TikTok: @daphneguinness @annadellorussoreal @bykarinav

If you’re anything like my mother, fast-approaching 60 and a fair-weather user of social media, you might switch off at the mention of TikTok. “Isn’t it for teenagers?” she guessed. It is fair to assume that the latest social media behemoth to emerge from China is only targeted at those young, wild and free enough to spend their spare time creating bitesize videos of themselves, often lip-syncing to lockdown’s ephemeral anthem: ‘Bored in the House’ by Detroit rapper Curtis Roach. What grown-up would have the time? A staggering 41{a38ddb2ded6b05e28c8ae73a8db0e271c21f7193684bd9e4e28acae292f81d99} of TikTok users are in fact aged between 16 and 24, with roughly 50{a38ddb2ded6b05e28c8ae73a8db0e271c21f7193684bd9e4e28acae292f81d99} aged under 34.  

While the majority of TikTokers hail from the same tribe of millennial-pink-clad twenty-somethings who have populated Instagram since its inception, there is now a silver-haired contingent vying for their followers, with a new wave of lighthearted fashion and beauty content for the over 50s. Dance routines, style blunders and quick outfit change memes are allowing fashion influencers to express something they rarely reveal – their silly side. Let us introduce you to the TikTok stars over 50 who prove that great style, and indeed a sense of humour, have no age-limit. 

Karina Vigier aka @bykarinav
Followers: 97k 

French children’s magazine editor Karina Vigier has an extraordinary skill for remaining poker-faced while shimmying, shaking and sashaying her way through instant outfit changes – a TikTok style video staple. Followers are addicted to her confident and imaginative layering as she irreverently mixes wild prints with vivid block colours, always accompanied by her signature square glasses. Her wardrobe rail flaunts vintage Miu Miu sitting comfortably alongside Stine Goya and Dutch streetwear.

At 51, she doesn’t think twice about donning a sequined pencil skirt to slow click to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack – a post that has racked up 669k views alone. Her sense of humour is palpable, whether pretending her palazzo pants have fallen down, bopping to Rihanna while complaining of a large bosom, or whipping out ice creams from the folds of a summer dress. Why? Because this is TikTok. And why the hell not. 

Deborah Chambers aka @deborah_darling
Followers: 81k 

“I’m 58 and much too old to be on TikTok,” reads Deborah Chamber’s profile bio, but her followers would argue otherwise. Despite having posted fewer than 20 videos to date, the New Zealand born model has had extraordinary success on the platform, with one before and after hair styling video racking up almost two million views. Her steely silver pompadour is instantly recognisable, and her ability to style up a black or white shirt with a killer accessory and a slick of scarlet lipstick exudes natural confidence that many much younger influencers attempt to feign.

Her posts poke fun at the notion of ‘dressing your age’, and jokes about her style, boyfriend and kids make her feel entirely relatable, despite her modelling credentials. 

Ting Ma aka @tingmystyle
Followers: 15k

While Chinese fashion blogger Ting Ma’s current following remains pretty small by social media standards, we suspect many more of her 94k Instagram devotees will soon flock to watch her on TikTok. Every inch of Ma’s posts has been meticulously considered, from the carefully curated interiors to the seemingly endless supply of designer clothes. She ticks off the shopping list of social media catnip accessories with panache – Bottega Pouch, check. Gucci logo belt, check. Dior Saddle bag, check, in several colours. 

Her mainstay is quick outfit changes, but she isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, performing another classic TikTok trick – pretending to be stuck in a clothes hanger – or hamming up her first walk in heels post-lockdown. Her whimsical energy and lithe physique belie her half century, and keep her fans coming back for more, with her profile having clocked up over 300k likes.  

Anna Dello Russo aka @annadellorussoreal 
Followers: 13k

The grand dame of fashion influencers has joined TikTok, giving her followers access to raw content that isn’t picture perfect enough for Instagram. Her videos unveil the hallowed circle of fashion’s inner workings, featuring everything from behind-the-scenes footage of a Vogue Japan shoot with Kim Kardashian, to a cramped outfit change in her car during Paris Fashion Week

The 58-year-old’s eccentric and fearless charm shines through every snippet, whether strutting for street style photographers and laughing at her own stumble, or pretending to be the Pink Panther wearing a Dior catsuit. Fashion purists will love the cameos from industry giants, from stylists like Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, to Burberry designer Riccardo Tisci. Often surrounded by models half her age (many are far younger), the style icon proves you’re only as old as you feel. 

Mary Kate Moulton aka @marykatemoulton
Followers: 177k 

Prim, proper and polished doesn’t quite convey the full effect of Mary Kate Moulton’s unflappable style. Not a hair is out of place in her perfectly parted ponytail, and her pearl necklace gleams as she wryly lip-syncs to soundbites from Dynasty, Lady Gaga and Queen.

Moulton’s style choices show she knows what works and she sticks to it – she rarely deviates from a Breton top or a crisp shirt paired with pearl stud earrings, except for a refreshing flash of leopard print. Her gaggle of Cavalier King Charles spaniels (who also do their fair share of TikTok tricks) serve as humorous sidekicks to her dry, inimitable wit. 

Daphne Guinness aka @daphneguinness
Followers: 61k

Way before online influencers existed, there was Daphne Guinness. The artist, muse and socialite curates her Instagram feed as fastidiously as her wardrobe, with an archival quality and artistic flair. Her TikTok page, however, gives a glimpse underneath her carefully composed persona of part-futuristic-ninja, part-gothic-queen. Morsels of footage show more natural moments, such as her practising her runway walk in the heel-less shoes she is renowned for, or unashamedly dancing to MC Hammer in a rainbow-strobed room. 

The 52-year-old fashion maverick appears to laugh at the chic alter-ego she has created, with one video depicting her falling into an armchair wearing yoga pants, to land dressed head to toe in fur and sequins. She also appears in her dressing gown without a scrap of makeup, before twirling into the Cruella De Vil-esque effigy her fans are better acquainted with. A casual 1.5 million views on this video alone suggests that she may have cracked what makes TikTokers tick.

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