June 3, 2023


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Miss Rodeo and Teen Rodeo Montana accept extended titles through 2021 | Regional

The Miss Rodeo Montana Inc. has shared some exciting news about their operations in response to COVID-19; The Miss Rodeo Montana Board officially announced plans to extend the current rodeo queen’s titles through 2021, meaning they will enjoy another year holding the crown. 

The girls say they’re excited for this extra opportunity to continue making strong connections with their fans.

“I really missed interacting with the crowd and getting them to sign autographs that’s one of my favorite parts,” said Miss Teen Rodeo Montana Cody Carson.

She and Miss Rodeo Montana, Katie Lynn Kraus, both decided to continue their journey.

Normally they’re busy during the summer traveling to rodeos and events across Montana and the U.S., but all sponsored events have been canceled or postponed until further notice.

“I really enjoy interacting with the little kids having kiddie rodeos, signing autographs, taking pictures, and really doing that part of my job but that’s for next year we’ll be right back at it,” said Carson.

Kraus shared this statement with us, describing her plan to also begin her Master’s degree in the Fall in addition to potential rodeo events.  

“With everything going on this year, or rather everything not going on, the Miss Rodeo America board had decided to cancel the Miss Rodeo America 2021 pageant, and to gave Jordan Teirney another year as Miss Rodeo America. With that, all of the state boards were instructed to give their queens the option to carry their titles over into 2021 and compete for title Miss Rodeo America 2022. 

The decision was completely up to me. I had a deadline of August 1st to make a decision one way or another. The Miss Rodeo Montana board had ensured me that the board would be supportive either way. If I decided not to, they would make my year as Miss Rodeo Montana the best that it could be, and plan an awesome pageant during Circuit Finals this January. If I decided to keep the title for another year, they would do everything they could to support me in carrying this title for two full years. It was a tough decision to make. I had plans beyond Miss Rodeo Montana such as continuing my education. With that, I knew that if I did not take this opportunity to be the best Miss Rodeo Montana that I can, given the circumstances and a second chance, I would have been disappointed with myself. So the decision was clear that I was going to be Miss Rodeo Montana 2021! 

The next step was figuring out logistics of how we were going to make it happen and worth while. I am blessed to have the board members that I do because not only do they support me in my decision, but actually encouraged me to start my Masters degree while we wait for what will hopefully be a closer to normal rodeo season in 2021. I plan on working towards my Masters Degree in Animal Nutrition from Montana State University, and I will hopefully be able to get one semester under my buckle before rodeo season next year. I also have a great opportunity to prepare for the next Miss Rodeo America Pageant! There is a lot of prep that goes into competing at that level including fundraising, wardrobe planning, studying, and riding as many horses as I can. 

I am mostly excited to have the opportunity to be the best representative of rodeo, agriculture, and the state of Montana that I can be. It may be something that no one else has dealt with before, but I think the experience I will gain through these two years will benefit me for the rest of my life. “

According to the Executive Board, the Miss Rodeo and Miss Teen Rodeo pageants have been canceled this January. Instead, they plan on hosting training sessions in public speaking, horsemanship, and modeling to help everyone get prepared for the next competition.

Below is their official statement on the extended titles for Kraus and Carson.

“Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc (MRMI) is honored to announce that Katie Lynn Kraus of Bozeman, and Cody Carson of Kalispell, have both accepted an offer made by Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc to extend their titles and reigns through the year of 2021.  Katie Lynn Kraus will now have the title of Miss Rodeo Montana 2020-2021 and Cody Carson’s title is now Miss Teen Rodeo Montana 2020-2021.

In the spring, Miss Rodeo America, Inc made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Miss Rodeo America pageant which was scheduled to be held in December of 2020, in conjunction with the WNFR in Las Vegas.  At this time, MRAI directed each state organization to offer the current state title holders the option to carry their title for an additional year, affording each young lady the opportunity to compete for the coveted title of Miss Rodeo America 2022.  The current Miss Rodeo America, Jordan Tierney of South Dakota, will also reign through the year 2021.  In recognizing that opportunities were limited in 2020, MRMI also extended the 2021 carry over option to Miss Teen Rodeo Montana Cody Carson.

As a result of naming these two young ladies to reign through 2021, Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc will not be hosting a Miss Rodeo or Miss Teen Rodeo Montana pageant in January of 2021.  Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc is planning to hold a training/exhibition pageant for young ladies across the state to gain experience in public speaking, horsemanship, interview skills and modeling.  This alternate pageant format will feature the popular fashion show on Saturday, January 16, 2021.  We are excited to continue our presence at the Montana ProRodeo Circuit Finals, while also providing a learning opportunity for young ladies.

The Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc Executive Board has formed a sub-committee charged with planning a MRMI General Membership Meeting to discuss the possibility of transitioning to a Lady-In-Waiting program.  Montana is one of the few states within the Miss Rodeo America system that does not have a Lady-In-Waiting program.  Knowing who our contestant for the Miss Rodeo America 2022 pageant will be, provides an opportune time to explore this possibility.”

-Miss Rodeo Montana Executive Board