October 4, 2023


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Mom Exposes Lack Of Functionality In Girls Clothes

Mom Exposes Lack Of Functionality In Girls Clothes

When BuzzFeed reached out to Meredith about her frustrations, she told BuzzFeed that the differences she’s noticed in each clothing section are endless. “The one that jumped out to me first was the sizing,” she said. “The average weight for both male and female children under 3 is essentially the same…and yet, the tops for toddler girls are shorter, tighter, and the sleeves are shorter than their male counterpart’s shirts.”

“Since I also have a 7-year-old, I’ve noticed that as she’s gotten older, the shorts available in the girls section for her are at least 3–4 inches shorter than the shorts in the boys section. It’s very hard to find shorts for either of [my girls] that have pockets, or that have pockets big enough to actually put anything in.

In one of my posts, I was comparing the blue leggings available in the girls section to the much more durable and functional joggers I found in the boys section. I got a lot of comments saying, ‘Those two things aren’t even comparable! Try comparing a pair of girls pants to the boys pants.’ But what I don’t think people realize is that the only thing available in the girls section are leggings! I mean, there are skinny jeans too, but [my daughter’s] school’s dress code prohibits jeans. So, for the most part, you’re kind of left with either blue leggings or shopping in the boys sections.”