September 28, 2022


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NAOT’s Kayla Sandals Are a Comfortable Summer Shoe Must-Have

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One of my worst habits is waiting far too long to buy seasonal items, even though I can get them way more easily months before they’re needed. In the winter, for instance, I usually don’t remember that I need new boots until it’s already snowing, and then I’m racing to the store to desperately search through the few remaining pairs in stock. And in the summer, it’s usually not until I’m trudging down the beach in old, half-broken flip flops that I think about how nice it’d be to be rocking new kicks instead. Thankfully, the shoe brand NAOT heard my future self’s complaints and sent me a sample of its leather sandals early this spring, and now I’m all set for the warm weather ahead.

NAOT is known for its hand-crafted process and sustainable manufacturing, and is behind tons of colorful everyday sandals, including the Kayla, the style I received. When my pair arrived, I was immediately intrigued by the leather shoes’ look; they feature three straps, along with an extra one in the back for added support, and they came in a pretty, versatile black-and-white color combo. 

When I tried them on, what really got my attention was the sandals’ comfort level. Walking in them was a dream, thanks to their cork and latex insoles that are lined with shock-absorbing, foot-molding suede. I could easily picture myself wearing the sandals for hours on end without issue—which I successfully did the next sunny day, and then again the day after that.

I styled the shoes with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, which looked great, but with their neutral colors and stylish design, they can work just as well with a dress or romper. Really, these sandals can go with anything, and they’ve quickly become my go-to shoes for warm weather days.

I’ve become such a fan that I even got rid of two older pairs of sandals that I’d had forever but, to quote Marie Kondo, didn’t spark nearly the same joy as the Kayla sandals. (Did I mention that one of my other bad shopping habits is holding onto things way too long?) Soon, I might even go as far as to buy a second pair in one of the 25 other colors—perhaps something vibrant and funky like the pink plum or rose gold options.

I’m far from alone in my love for these sandals. On Amazon, hundreds of customers have left five-star reviews that praise everything from the shoes’ spot-on fit to their long-lasting durability. Most of all, though, shoppers laud the sandals’ cloud-like feel, with one person calling them “the most comfortable sandals” they’ve ever had and noting that they wear them “almost daily” because of how good they make their feet feel.

At $140 for most options (a few of the colors are on sale for less), NAOT’s Kayla sandals are a little pricey, but trust me—they’re worth the splurge. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be cleaning out your closet and tossing out inferior sandals after picking up a pair of these game-changing shoes.