September 29, 2023


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New “Made for Fitbit” accessories by Wasserstein improve and secure your wearables

New “Made for Fitbit” accessories by Wasserstein improve and secure your wearables

Third-party companies have long since supported Google’s hardware ecosystem with extensible accessories, but one that has risen to the top in both terms of quality and quantity is Wasserstein. Between its Nest and Google TV products, it’s taken the time and attention to create truly useful “add-ons” for your smart home.

Wasserstein is the nation’s top smart home accessory manufacturer and is committed to making thoughtful smart home products. Wasserstein is an official Made for Google product partner, and also manufactures solar panels, floodlights, camera mounts, doorbell mounts, and other smart home products, compatible with Ring, Blink, Arlo, Wyze, Oculus, Eufy, Apple, and other popular smart home brands. Wasserstein products can be found on the Wasserstein website, as well as on AmazonThe Home DepotWalmartSam’s ClubBest BuyTarget, and other top retail channels.

Today, the company announced its expansion into offering accessories for Google’s wearables! Whether you’re looking to add a screen protector to your Fitbit, clip the device to your side while jogging, or charge up each of your devices in a more compact and gorgeous manner while sitting at home, Wasserstein has got you covered with three new items in its “Made for Fitbit” line.

First up is its Clip Holder, which is compatible with both the Fitbit Versa 4 and Sense 2. It comes in black and costs $14.99 USD at launch. Once it’s no longer on sale, it will cost $19.99 USD thereafter, but this launch price makes it a steal.

The clip keeps your strapless device safe during a jog, bike ride, or treadmill run among other exercises, and is tailor-made for the aforementioned two units, so it fits snugly around them. It’s made of silicone, so it doesn’t stretch or tear easily, and it is simple to clean off if it gets covered in dirt or sweat.

The second item on offer is the Wasserstein “Made for Fitbit” Full Screen protector for your Fitbit Versa 4 or Sense 2. You’ll receive three protectors in the pack and it will only cost you $15.99 USD. For now, it’s two bucks off at $13.99 USD.

Small and completely transparent, this anti-bubble protection for your watch display prevents cracks and scratches by strengthening its resistance in harsh environments or in case of accidental drops. It also comes with an installation kit, which includes a sticker ring, wet and dry wipes, and a pressing card.

Last, but certainly not least (and quite honestly the accessory I’m most excited to talk about) is the company’s 3-in-1 Charging Station. This little stand can sit on your desk and charge not only your Pixel phone (or any type-C handset), but also your Pixel Buds and your Fitbit all while looking gorgeous and compact in the process.

When I empty my pockets after coming home, I generally place my Buds, my Ticwatch, and my Pixel 6 Pro on the desk near one another, but it looks messy and causes some mental fragmentation. With this, all of that disorganized chaos disappears, and your collection of Google wearables can all be presented and stationed nicely in one location.

The 3-in-1 Charging Stand is compatible with the Fitbit Sense, Sense 2, Versa 3, Versa 4, and the Charge 5. The USB-C connector is adjustable, so a little wiggle while plugging your phone in or taking it off of the stand won’t cause damage.

If you have a Moto G, Samsung Galaxy, or any other USB-C phone or pair of earbuds, you can also use Wasserstein’s accessory. The only reason it’s being marketed as a fit for Google’s products is that the company has decided to go all in on supporting Google and its hardware and has become an official partner.

One thing you’ll want to know before purchasing any of these items, however, is that the Clip Holder ships at the end of September, and the 3-in-1 Charging Stand ships in October. The only other bummer is the price of the stand itself, as it comes in at a cool $89.99 USD! You can grab it now for $74.99 USD, but that’s quite the investment. If you’re looking for a sexy, sleek dock to house all of your stuff, it may well be worth that investment, but it depends on who you ask. I will say though that if you’re excited about Google’s new and upcoming Pixel Watch, then Wasserstein’s dock would pair nicely with it.