June 3, 2023


We Bring Good Things to Life

No dress code for the pandemic

Chuck Avery

I suspect that I’m not the only man who hasn’t put on a collar shirt or a pair of dress slacks for months. The thought hit me Friday after I had showered and was getting out yet another pair of shorts and a clean T-shirt. Directly in front of me were a dozen or more pairs of pants and just to my right was an equal number of dress shirts. I ignored them all, just as I had since the pandemic forced us into lock-down.

It began in March when the weather was colder, and my daily costume became jeans and a sweat shirt. With the advent of spring, my choice became leisure pants and a light sweater. Warmer weather brought out the shorts and T-shirts, and it will remain so until the weather changes or the virus disappears. The lack of any required dress code is the only pleasant thing I’ve found about the pandemic.