With over 60 years of experience in boat manufacturing, the Italian-based company OTAM is now introducing a custom range of yachts that are meant to be fast, lightweight and fully personalized.

The 115 Sport, 115 SD Elegant Classic and 115 SD Edge Design have one main common characteristic and that is their aluminum construction. All 3 models in the Custom Range 115 are based on aluminum, a material that makes them lighter and faster, while also allowing a high degree of customization, depending on customers’ choices.

“Gipsy” is the name of the first 115 SD Elegant Classic to be built based on the customer’s specifications.

The 115 SD Elegant Classic is a 3-deck full custom boat, 115 feet (35.30 meters) long, with a main engine of 1,415kW. It can reach a maximum speed of 18 knots and has a range of over 2,000 nautical miles at 11 knots. As you can tell from the model’s name, this particular version has an impressive stature and sumptuous design that exudes sophistication. Built in collaboration with naval architect Umberto Tagliavini, the ship’s layout reflects the owner’s view.

In this case, the customer wanted to enjoy an exclusive exterior area, with a private terrace and separate access for VIP guests and crew members. The elegant and bright interior design is a result of architect Tommaso Spadolini’s creativity. The generous space of the 115 SD Elegant Classic allows for wide and comfortable seating and dining areas, with plenty of light and luxurious furnishing.

By comparison, the 115 SD Edge Design version has a more masculine feel, with a bold look inspired by navy vessels and warships. Although more aggressive-looking, this boat has the same size and specifications as the more laid-back 115 SD Elegant Classic.

The third option in OTAM’s custom range, the 115 Sport yacht, has a much sleeker silhouette, with sharp accents that reflect its sporty nature. Designed by Umberto Tagliavini and Marine Design, it also has a lightweight aluminum hull, with no limits to possible customization.