September 21, 2023


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Paul&Shark Typhoon 20000 Jacket Capsule Release

The Paul&Shark Typhoon 20000 limited edition collection of durable outerwear is finally hitting the rails in Paul&Shark stores and top-tier retailers around the world. The Italian brand’s offering sees its signature hard-wearing, functional pieces that can survive the harshest conditions collide with a keen, vivid color palette. The standout jacket comes in four colors, an Optical White, a yellow, a vibrant turquoise and a navy blue, whilst the wider capsule collection also features high-quality sweaters and hoodies in matching colors.

Staying true to the brand’s nautical heritage, the Typhoon 20000 Jacket is part of Paul&Shark’s ambitious SAVE THE SEA initiative. This project sees the company’s significant knowledge of fabric production come into play to repurpose and recycle fabric to make the materials used in its pieces, such as recycled polyester yarns made using discarded plastic bottles.

The Typhoon 20000 Jacket boasts a number of impressive features such as the ultra-thin membrane that lines the surface, ensuring maximum protection from water and a robust molecular structure that allows for air circulation, keeping the wearer cool and dispersing body heat.

Get a look at the capsule collection in the campaign above starring up and coming London musician Santino Le Saint, and to discover more, visit Paul&Shark stores in Milan, Cannes, Wien, Berlin, Tallin, Hong Kong, and Shanghai as well as selected high-end retailers and be sure to check out the brand’s site to find out more about the collection itself.