December 2, 2023


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Peyton List Learns Her Best Beauty Hacks From TikTok

Peyton List Learns Her Best Beauty Hacks From TikTok
Peyton List. Courtesy Peyton List

Been down a deep, dark, never ending TikTok binge that lasted way longer than one would ever care admit? Us too. And as it turns out, Peyton List can relate. The 22-year-old star tells Stylish in an exclusive interview that beauty TikTok has been her “best friend.”

“I feel like TikTok is the older sister I never had! I started watching a ton of TikTok beauty hacks and buying every single frickin’ beauty hack thing I could find, like the ice rollers from Amazon,” the Cobra Kai star tells Us while promoting her partnership with KISS and imPress. “I use it to de-puff my face and I started learning all the facial massage techniques. I didn’t realize that moving your face around could make such a difference.”

She continues: “It’s been my new thing. At the end of the day, I’ll put on some oil, get my roller out of the freezer and, even if it’s not doing all that much, it just feels amazing.”

That’s not the only beauty trick the 22-year-old actress has picked up. She’s learned how to sculpt her face with concealer (angle upward, FYI) because according to TikTok, “You’re doing it wrong for your face shape.”

While List’s beauty game has certainly been influenced by the social media app, her love of beauty goes way back to her elementary school days.

Peyton List Learns Her Best Beauty Hacks From TikTok
Peyton List. Courtesy Peyton List

“I always romanticized makeup, even when I was in fourth or fifth grade. I would lock the bathroom door and sneak my mom’s makeup and put it on. My mom said to me, ‘One day you came out of school and you looked like a clown with your blush. You thought you were so slick,’” the star tells Stylish.

Fast forward a few years to List’s starring role on Jessie and her love for beauty only grew. With glam squad at the ready, she was able to “find a love for makeup.”

In fact, her beauty routine on the Disney channel set was actually a serendipitous precursor to her present day partnerships with KISS and imPress, a line of press on manicures.

“I remember on Jessie I would do my own nails. I would change them up every episode and every week. I would always use the KISS stickers, so it [the partnership] just feels too cool to be true,” List tells Us.

Since then however, she’s found a few new products she’s proud to call her favorites. The first being imPress Press-on Manicure in So French, which is embellished with a little crystal. “I haven’t done a French since like fifth grade, but it really made a comeback. I tried them on and I was like, ‘Oh, this is really nice!’”

She’s also learned her way around falsies in recent weeks. She admittedly “struggled” to apply false lashes in the past, but the KISS Lash GLUliner “makes it really easy.”

Her tip? “Let the glue dry before putting on the lash for like at least 10 seconds. It just stays a lot better.”

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