September 21, 2023


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Pick up a stylish strap or band

Regardless of whether you’ve got a Series 5 or are still rocking a much earlier model, Apple made the very smart choice to make sure that all of its watch straps fit on all of its watch models (putting the size of your model to one side). 

That means that there are absolutely loads of straps to choose from, including options that range massively in price and quality. Thankfully for you, we’ve been wearing various Apple Watch models, with a variety of straps, for years now, so we’re well-positioned to tell you about some of the very best options available right now. 

Our pick of the best Apple Watch straps to buy today


Apple Sport Loop


Apple’s nylon straps are our favourite to actually wear day-to-day with your Apple Watch. They’re really stylish and available in a wide range of colours, but all of them fit extremely comfortably.

Plus, they’re suitable for exercise so you don’t have to worry about swapping your band out if you decide to go for a run at lunch. There are also Nike editions for even more options. 


Apple Sport Band


If you prefer the feel of a silicone strap (or as Apple calls its material, fluoroelastomer), the official sport band is a great option.

It’s obviously waterproof and really easy to keep clean, and again is available in plenty of colours to suit your style and outfit. 


Apple Milanese Loop


If you’re looking for a more business-appropriate look or want to dress up for an occasion, the Milanese Loop that Apple offers is superb.

It’s pricey for a band, but you get that soft metallic look and it’s really comfortable, too. 


Nike Sport Band


Our last sports band from Apple, the Nike tie-in for this band is marked out by those holes, which make it even more breathable and perfect for long workouts.

We particularly like this Pride edition of the band, and there are other nice colours available too. 


Apple Modern Buckle


This smooth leather band from Apple is a really nice one to look at, and its softness makes it great to wear, too.

You also get that buckle which looks more like a typical watch strap, which can be really useful for an outfit. Still, it’s a pretty pricey package. 


Apple Leather Loop


A cheaper way to get a leather strap that’s still got Apple’s official design and build-quality is the Leather Loop. 

Its ribbed finish is really soft and lovely to wear, and weathers really nicely over time. 


Hermès Noir Swift Leather Single Tour


At the extreme end of the price scale you’ll find a few Hermès bands for the Apple Watch, an official collaboration. Some of them are pretty loud, but this simple leather strap oozes class.

It’s a connoisseur’s strap, and you’ll pay an arm and a leg, but it makes your Apple Watch posh enough to blend in anywhere in the world. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Dan Grabham.